THINKCAR® ThinkDiag Old Version Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner

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✅Full System Diagnostic Tool: Thinkdiag can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and China; Full range car models and full car system diagnosis make professional automotive diagnostic tools.THINKCAR ThinkDiag Old Version Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
✅Bi-Directional+ECU Coding+Adaptation+Matching: Thinkdiag supports ECU Coding, Adaptation, Matching, IMMO (Key Coding), and Active Test which allow you to test each system actuator such as doors, windows, or windscreen wipers to identify malfunction causes.THINKCAR ThinkDiag Old Version Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
✅15 Maintenance Functions: Engine Oil Lamp Reset/Injector Coding/ABS Bleeding/DPF Regeneration/Brake Reset/TPMS Reset/SAS Reset/Battery Matching/Immobilizer Matching/Gearbox Matching/AFS Matching/Suspension Matching/ETS Reset/Sunroof Initialization/EGR Adaption.THINKCAR ThinkDiag Old Version Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
✅Mobile APP connection: Thinkdiag Old version Diagnostic Tool, contains 1 software only in Thinkdiag program, Old boot V1.23.004, can work on diagzone(Not all ThinkDiag Old Version can support diagzone)! You need to buy software for diagzone separately, also can work on the official program Thinkdiag.THINKCAR ThinkDiag Old Version Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
Features of Thinkdiag:
1. Cover up to 115 Major Vehicle Manufacturers.
2. Connect car via Bluetooth on smartphone, app name: ThinkDiag+
3. At most 15 kinds of reset services (There are many reset services in one car software).
4. Full systems diagnosis: Select All Systems Full Functions Diagnosis, read system fault codes, and clear system fault codes
5. After the 1-year free upgrade is over, the update fee is $129 per year
6. Only for the Android system, need to download the "Diagzone APP".

7. Supports 9 languages, Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish

Model: Thinkdiag
Working voltage: 9~18V
Working current: ≤130mA
Working temperature: 14℉~122℉(-10℉-50℉)
Storage temperature: -4℉~140℉ (-20℉-60℉)
Size: 2.1 inches * 3 inches * 1.1 inches
Net weight: 2.80 ounces


Package List:

1 * ThinkDiag

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  • Hi, It is ThinkDiag Old Version Working 100% with diagzone?

    Uncertain! Due to chip problems, not all ThinkDiag Old Versions can match diagzone!

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