【Black Friday】THINKCAR® ThinkScan TS609 OBD2 Scanner for ECM TCM ABS SRS Systems with 8 Reset Services

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✅ECM/TCM/ABS/SRS Diagnosis+Complete OBDII Functions: Support full access to the ECU of the engine, transmission, ABS and airbag systems, read and erase codes, real-time data flow and turn off system warning lights; standard implementation OBD / EOBD diagnosis, such as real-time data graphics, vehicle information, I/M preparation, on-board display testing, etc.
THINKCAR ThinkScan TS609 Engine/AT/ABS/SRS  Scanner with 8 Reset Services
✅8 Most Commonly Used Reset Services: Thinkscan scanning tool supports oil/brake/TPMS/SAS/ETS/Injector/BMS/DPF reset services. These 8 maintenance and replacement services support all 38 car brands.
THINKCAR ThinkScan TS609 Engine/AT/ABS/SRS  Scanner with 8 Reset Services
✅Data Recording, Reporting and Printing+Graph 4-1 Data Stream: You can record or playback any data stream or diagnosis result, and print it by email for further analysis. The diagnosis report will automatically record the basic diagnosis report and can be shared. The data flow chart is drawn in real-time and detailed parameters are displayed. Four data can be selected at will for simultaneous analysis.
THINKCAR ThinkScan TS609 Engine/AT/ABS/SRS  Scanner with 8 Reset Services
✅8 Languages+Support Most Vehicles:support, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese; For AUDI, For BENZ, For BMW, For CHRYSLER, For CITROEN, For DACIA, DAEWOO, For FIAT, For GM, For HOLDEN, For HONDA, For HYUNDAI, etc.

THINKCAR ThinkScan TS609 Engine/AT/ABS/SRS  Scanner with 8 Reset Services

Top 11 Reasons to Choose Thinkcar Thinkscan 609 Diagnostic Tool!
1. The most cost-effective automotive diagnostic tool for car owners and basic technicians.
2. Support the diagnostic function of the engine, ABS, SRS, in the system, cover 90% of the common car problems in life.
3 includes 8 common maintenance functions to save you money and time: Oil Light Service Reset, TPMS Reset, SAS Reset, EPB Reset, Electric Throttle Re-learn, Injector Coding, Battery Adaptation, and DPF Reset.
4. Covers 10 complete OBDII test modes, it can help to pass inspection and maintenance tests and smog checks.
5. Supports 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese.
6. Support more than 38 kinds of car brands, cover most of the car models around the world, and more car models are being developed.
7. Unique one-click button design to access read fault codes, clear fault codes, read I / M readiness status, help function (find definition for trouble codes).
8. Equipped with 3.5-inch color LCD screen for better visual and ergonomic design for better handling and diagnostic experience.
9. Luxurious built-in applications to help users: DTC definition fault code library; Logging and reviewing of fault codes and diagnostic data flow; Diagnostic data can be printed by connecting with the computer.
10. Data analysis feed functions, thinkscan 609 can read all live data under ENG / AT / ABS / SRS, live date graph and even combine with most 4 PIDS.
11.On-time customer service and life-free upgrade to access newer car models and functions.


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Screen: 3.5-inch LCD screen, good visual effect
Working temperature: 0 to 60 (32 to 140)
Storage temperature: -20 to 70 (-4 to 158)
Power supply: 8 to 18 V provided by the vehicle
Supported protocols: J1859-41.6, J1850-10.4, ISO9141, KWP2000 (ISO 14230) and CAN (ISO 11898 Control Area Network)
Weight: 0.8Kg


Package List:

1 * Thinkscan TS609 
1 * OBD2 Cable 
1 * Card Reader 
1 * User Manual 

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  • I have read the spec. & it says it covers 38 vehicles including JPIsuzu & I have Isuzu i290 P/U Trk?

    Hello, the voltage of this car model of yours is 24V, this product cannot support this model! You can purchase more advanced products to complete the inspection of this car model!

  • It cover isuzu i29

    Sorry, this product does not support this model!

  • Is it works for renault koleos 2011 2.5 cvt?

    Sure,it supports all popular cars after 1996.

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