THINKCAR® ThinkDiag New Version Bluetooth Full Software Bidirectional Scan Tool

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Smart Diagnostic Tool: Compatible with android and ios, making your smart device a professional vehicle diagnostic tool. The Auto VIN function allows it to automatically recognize most car models. After diagnosis, a complete system vehicle health report will be created automatically, and it can be shared and printed via email. Real-time data flow combined with graphics + data recording can better monitor vehicle performance and analyze abnormal parameters.

✅Various Maintenance Functions: Various Maintenance Functions. With 15 reset function menus and more maintenance functions under the exact car menu, Engine Oil Lamp Reset/Injector Coding/ABS Bleeding/DPF Regeneration/Throttle Adaptation/Brake Pad Reset/Tire Pressure Reset/Steering Angle Reset/Gear Training/Battery Matching/Immobilizer Matching/Gearbox Matching/Headlights Matching/Suspension Matching/Reset EGR/Sunroof Initialization.

✅Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Whole Vehicle System: Supports all system diagnostic functions, can read/clear fault codes, read real-time data, read control module information, perform tests and maintain functions of ECM, BCM, SRS, TCM, and BMS, TPMS, SAS, A/C system, etc. It can be used for most models of more than 120 car brands after 1996.

✅Two-way Control and ECU Coding: Through APP (ThinkDiag +), ThinkDiag two-way scanning tool can perform special functions on some compatible cars. With two-way control, you can test different systems or open and close valves in the vehicle to solve internal problems. Even better, you can tune, remap or code the module to make its performance different from the specification.

1. Download and install ThinkDiag App.
2. Activate your device and Plug it into OBD2 port.
3. Connect it via bluetooth in the app and start your car.

Does the new version support full software updating?
Yes, the 2021 new version Thinkdiag comes with a full software 1-year free update.

Thinkdiag app
Thinkdiag user manual
Thinkdiag car list

Working Voltage: 9~18V
Working Current: ≤130mA
Working Temperature: 14℉~122℉(-10℉-50℉)
Storage Temperature: -4℉~140℉(-20℉-60℉)
Size: 2.1in*3in*1.1in
Net Weight: 2.80oz

Packing List:
1pc Thinkdiag


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Ask a Question
  • Do I understand correctly that it cost $39 per car each time you use it. This it is not clear at all please clear this up and explain it in great detail.

    No,Thinkdiag support 1 year free update.

  • a question about thinkdiag full 2 ​​years software and update: after expiration what happens: 1 just loses the updates. 2 blocks the programs?  a question about thinkdiag full 2 ​​years software and update: after expiration what happens: 1 just loses the updates. 2 blocks the programs?

    Hello, it would be sent a message to let you renew when you want to use it diagnose on cars.

  • Does it cover an entire model line or just for one specific make and model. Can you add extra makes on top of the first 2 and if so, what is the additional cost? If you add extra models do you have to give up one of your original 2?

    Hello,Thinkdiag supports most of the popular car brands. But it only comes with one free software.
    You need to pay for others $39/software after installed one car software.

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