LAUNCH® VSP-600 HD Video Borescope

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✅A Good Helper for Vehicle Maintenance: With IP67 waterproof probe, 90cm flexible semi-rigid serpentine cable, it allows you to easily inspect and clean hard-to-reach areas on your car that are usually invisible, such as water pipes, spark plug holes, engine cylinders and small parts.
✅The Design is Simpler and Safer: The inspection endoscope Launch Tech VSP-600 is flexible enough to help you perform clear video inspections to detect possible anomalies in the tightest and darkest parts of the vehicle.
✅Compatible with Multiple Devices: The Launch Tech VSP-600 inspection endoscope can be used with LAUNCH X431 V, LAUNCH X431 V+, LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+, LAUNCH X431 PAD3, LAUNCH X431 PAD V, etc. It can also be used with a phone or tablet (requires app download).
✅Reliable Quality: The 5.5mm camera fits easily into most spark plug holes for inspection, and the stepless brightness adjustment knob provides excellent brightness, enjoying easier inspection around the vehicle.
✅Complete Equipment: Comes with a reflector mirror(can see the inner wall of the engine), a lens hook (convenient construction), a lens magnet (absorb impurities), two USB adapter cables, easy to connect to mobile phones and tablets!
LAUNCH VSP 600 Endoscope Inspection Camera
Resolution: VGA 640 X 480
Dimensions 11.61 x 5.24 x 1.85 inches
Image Type: Live Video/Image Stills
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Image Sensor: 1/12” CMOS
Lens Diameter: 5.5mm
White Balance: Automatic
Exposure: Automatic
Light Source: Stepless adjustment button
Snake Cable Length: 90cm

USB Cable Length: 200CM
Bending Radius: 50mm
Viewable Angle: 60°
LAUNCH® VSP 600 Endoscope Inspection Camera

1 * LAUNCH VSP600 Borescope
1 * User Manual
2 * Data Cable
3 * Connectors
  • What is the app ??? It doesn't say in the manual i got!!!!!

    Hi, what is your email address? I send you the installation package!

  • Hello! Is this VSP-600 HD Video Borescope compatible with the Kingbolen K7?


    VSP-600 is not compatible with k7.

    You can search THINKCAR Borescope on other shopping platform.

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