KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V 12V Car Battery Tester

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✅Regardless of Positive and Negative: Don't worry about whether the positive and negative poles of the battery are connected correctly, even if the positive and negative poles are reversed, it can be detected!; BM580 battery tester is friendly for any beginner and is suitable for car factories, car owners, garages, car battery manufacturers, DIYers, and second-hand car markets.
KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access Clip
✅>99.5% Accuracy: The BM580 car battery tester provides more than 99.5% precise testing reports within milliseconds, greatly improving the testing speed compared to other battery testers. Save your time and money, and dramatically improve your battery lifespan.
KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access Clip
✅6V & 12V Battery Tester: The BM580 automotive battery tester works on all automotive 6V & 12V Battery Tester, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL, and deep cycle batteries for vehicles, SUVs, motorcycles, light trucks, boats, and more.
KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access Clip
✅Plug and Play: Just connect the tester’s clips with the battery then it will turn on and be ready to test and analyze the battery; It’s that easy! BM580 tester will also give professional advice based on these data; You can decide whether to replace or charge the battery and help you know battery status in advance to prevent possible battery failures.

KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access ClipAbout This Product:
1. Suitable for 6V 12V CCA100-2000 lead-acid batteries.
2. Test standards:  CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE and GB.
3. Regardless Of the Positive and Negative function battery multimeter function.
4. Battery test results: voltage, CCA measurement value, internal resistance value, life (SOH), remaining power and battery performance, etc.
5. Only 3 seconds to get accurate test results.
6. 2.4-inch color screen display, 5.67*3.08*0.79 inches size.
7. PVC material, non-slip and comfortable
8. Support 10 languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, etc.
9. Add multimeter function: can help you to compare more parameters!

Screen size: 2.4inch HD color screen
Test range: 6V~12V
Voltage range: 4.9~20V
CCA range: 100~2000
AH range: 2~220Ah
Temperature range: -20~50°C
Size: 5.67*3.08*0.79inch
Shell material: PVC

Alligator clip material: pure copper-plated material


Package List:
1 * Packaging Box
1 * Battery Tester
1 * User Manual

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  • recebi o analisador de bateria bm580 , ao liga-lo pela primeira vez apareceu no ecra " Upgrading..." e nao faz mais nada, ja esta a varias horas assim, o que posso fazer?

    Você tem um computador conectado? Se sim, basta desconectá-lo. Esta máquina não precisa estar conectada a um computador!

  • Can you provide the manual in a digital format?

    Hi, do you mean the electronic version of the manual?

  • Where we can download the latest firmware?

    Hello, I consulted our R&D department, there is currently no upgrade installation package for this product!

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