KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V 12V Auto Battery Tester

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✅Safe to Use: Although the positive and negative poles are reversed, the BM580 battery tester can also diagnose!; It is suitable for car factories, car owners, garages, car battery manufacturers, DIYers, and second-hand car markets.
KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access Clip
✅>99.5% Accuracy: Alligator clips and cables are made of high-quality materials, The BM580 car battery tester has accurate test results and fast test speed compared to other battery testers.
KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access Clip
✅6V & 12V Battery Tester: The BM580 car battery tester works on 6V and 12V batteries, such as AGM flat plate batteries, AGM spiral batteries, GEL batteries, and EPB batteries; For SUVs, motorcycles, light trucks, boats, and more.Do not support electric new energy vehicles!!
KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access Clip
✅Plug and Play: Just connect the tester’s clips with the battery then it will turn on and be ready to test and analyze the battery; BM580 will help you know the battery status in advance to prevent possible battery failures.

KINGBOLEN® BM580 6V/12V Car Battery Tester Reversible Access ClipAbout KINGBOLEN BM580 Car Battery Tester:
1. Suitable for 6V 12V CCA100-2000 car batteries.
2. Test standards:  CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE and GB.
3. Regardless Of the Positive and Negative function battery multimeter function.
4. Battery test results: voltage, CCA measurement value, internal resistance value, life (SOH), remaining power and battery performance, etc.
5. Only 3 seconds to get accurate test results.
6. 2.4-inch color screen display, 5.67*3.08*0.79 inches size.
7. PVC material, non-slip and comfortable
8. Support 10 languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, etc.
9. Add multimeter function: can help you to compare more parameters!

Screen size: 2.4inch HD color screen
Test range: 6V~12V
Voltage range: 4.9~20V
CCA range: 100~2000
AH range: 2~220Ah
Temperature range: -20~50°C
Size: 5.67*3.08*0.79inch
Shell material: PVC

Alligator clip material: pure copper-plated material


What is the difference between the BM series Battery Tester products?

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1 * Packaging Box
1 * Battery Tester
1 * User Manual
  • dove trovo il manuale in versione elettronica (pdf) ?

    Ciao, per favore dimmi la tua email e posso inviartela.

  • recebi o analisador de bateria bm580 , ao liga-lo pela primeira vez apareceu no ecra " Upgrading..." e nao faz mais nada, ja esta a varias horas assim, o que posso fazer?

    Você tem um computador conectado? Se sim, basta desconectá-lo. Esta máquina não precisa estar conectada a um computador!

  • Can you provide the manual in a digital format?

    Hi, do you mean the electronic version of the manual?

  • Where we can download the latest firmware?

    Hello, I consulted our R&D department, there is currently no upgrade installation package for this product!

  • Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter le BM580, il a bien fonctionné au départ. seulement maintenant le menu principal est normal mais ensuite l'affichage ne comporte que des lignes de couleur mais sans caractères. Si je me réfère à l'emplacement des lignes sur le manuel, les réglages on l'air de correspondre mais sans les caractères à l'écran.

    Hello, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, in order to better deal with the problem you encountered, please record the problem with the device in the form of a photo or video and send it to us, thank you for your understanding!

  • Hello, would you please send me a user manual for BM580. Thanks a lot! Bostjan

    Please check out this website, thank you

  • como puedo reinstalar el firware al battery tester BM580

    Este dispositivo no tiene firmware que deba actualizarse

  • hice formato a mi tester kingbolen bm580. al conectar a una bateria me aparece FILE LOAD ERROR ...ayuda por favor ... debo volver a instalar con la computadora los archivos ? o el controlador ...agradeceria me ayudaran por favor....

    Hola, contáctanos por correo electrónico y te enviaremos un paquete de actualización para actualizar y reparar tu dispositivo.

  • What is the USB cord used for? It states when plugged in it is upgrading but there are no real instructions on how to upgrade. Thank you!

    Hello, as long as you plug in the USB cable, it will show that the upgrade is in progress.
    If there is no problem with the device, there is no need to use the USB port.

  • доброго дня злетіла пршивка на bm580 sn 5800722m2f1d1 можете скинути на пошту прошивку

    Привіт, його надіслано на вашу поштову скриньку!

  • Welche Bedeutung hat der Mini-USB unten am BM580?

    Hallo, für Updatezwecke.

  • dove posso trovare il manuale in italiano del BM580?

    Ciao, mi dispiace molto, non c'è il manuale di istruzioni in italiano, chiederò al reparto R&D.

  • Hello from Denmark how do i connect to usb/pc to read or update link for software or app ,thankyou .I need online manual too the letters is to small for my old eyes .Best Kurt

    Hello, if your BM580 can be used normally, there is no need to download software or app. Enter "Tech Support" on this website, and then find "Manual Download", you can download the manual.

  • Si può scaricare? il manuale del prodotto BM580 in formato elettronico (.pdf)

    Ciao, fai clic su "Supporto Tecnico" - "Manuale Download" nella barra dei menu di questo sito e troverai la versione elettronica del manuale BM580

  • Hola, me pueden enviar el manual en pdf?

    Necesito saber tu correo electrónico!

  • für bm580 benutzerhandbuch auf deutsch

    Hallo, es gibt keine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung.

  • E' possibile avere il manuale in versione elettronica (pdf) ?


  • Пришлите, пожалуйста, электронную версию инструкции BM580 на русском языке. Спасибо

    дравствуйте, нет инструкции по эксплуатации на русском языке.

  • Greetings. I bought the BM850 tester (Amazon). Can you send me the user manual in electronic format (pdf)? Thank you. Goodbye and have a nice day. Luca /// ITA Salve. Ho acquistato il tester BM850 (Amazon). Potete inviarmi il manuale di uso in formato elettronico (pdf)? Grazie. Saluti e buona giornata. Luca

    Hello, please contact me via email. Can't send files here, and can't see your email address!

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