KINGBOLEN® BM800 Car Heavy Duty Truck Battery Tester 6V12V24V Cranking Charging Test With Printer

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BM800 is the most high-end battery diagnostic equipment with printer function that we have launched at present, with powerful functions and simple operation.

Top Reasons to choose the BM800
1. 【Powerful Diagnostic Function】BM800 support Battery Test, Startup Test, Charging Test, Load Test, Waveform Test , Battery Life and Power Test, Waveform Monitoring, Waveform Playback, 10 Waveform Record, Screenshots Function, Theme Selection, Battery Multimeter, Built-in Clock, Built-in Printer, Custom info Input, One-click Test, One-click Print, Reverse Polarity Test, Life-time Upgrade.
2.【Color Screen & One-Click Data Printing】With built-in thermal printer, you can get a diagnostic receipt in seconds and share it with your customers, which only needs one press. With its color screen and unique pattern design, it will be easier to view data.
3. 【Support 10 languages】BM800 not only supports diagnosis in 10 languages, but also supports printing in 10 languages.English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, German, Polish, Japanese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese.
4. 【Multi-language printing】BM800 not only supports diagnosis in 10 languages, but also supports printing in 10 languages.
5.【Reverse Polarity Test】BM800 does not distinguish between positive and negative poles, and can perform reverse connection test.
6. 【Real-time display of voltage fluctuations】you can view the current, minimum, and maximum voltages.
7. 【Support a variety of batteries】BM800 car battery tester support regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL and deep cycle batteries.
8. 【Support 10 standards】CCA BCI CA MCA JIS DIN IEC EN SAE GB
9. 【Life-time Free Update】It support life-time Free Update
10.【Durable Case packaging】BM800 comes with durable box packaging, you can better protect your equipment.

Four Main Function of BM800 Battery Tester 6V 12V 24V

Real-time display of voltage fluctuations, you can view the current, minimum, and maximum voltages.

1. Automatic Storage: Can store 10 waveform monitoring records.
2. Waveform Feedback: Can view saved waveform data.
3. One-click clear: Delete all saved waveform data.

BM800 Measure Standard & Test Range

Geometry supports all current common battery standards, and a wide range of tests can meet your various needs.

Three Steps to Replace the Paper

Step 1: Pull the logo cover
Step 2: Put the paper into printer slot shown in the photo.
Step 3: Close the cover to expose the printer paper.
Step 4: The installation is complete, you can perform a print test.

Specifications of BM800

Model: BM800
Product Size: 8.86*3.54*1.69 inch
Screen Size: 2.8inch TFT color Screen
Connection Method: Alligator clips regardless of polarity
Test Range: 6V 12V 24V
Operating Voltage:4.9-32V
Operating Temperature : -20℃-50℃
Product Material: PVC Industrial Material

1 x Battery Analyzer BM800 Main Unit
1 x User's Manual
1 x USB Cable
3 x Thermal Paper (Noted: One of the volumes has been installed in the BM800 mainframe.)
1 x carton Box
1 x Box

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