KINGBOLEN® BF100 Auto Brake Fluid Tester

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✅Support DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1: KINGBOLEN BF100 brake fluid tester is designed to accurately measure the water content in brake fluid to ensure driving safety!
✅High-sensitivity Probe: KINGBOLEN BF100 brake fluid tester has a high-sensitivity probe, and fast response; The probe is robust, twistable, and corrosion-resistant.
✅5 Status Description: With multiple LED indicators, it can help you learn about the range of water in the brake fluid.
✅Support Various Car Models: KINGBOLEN BF100 brake fluid tester can be used in all models, whether it is a car, SUV, truck, golf cart, etc...

✅Safety Tips: The brake fluid replacement cycle is generally 2 years. The brake fluid itself has strong water absorption properties, it will absorb moisture in the surrounding air, such as car wash, moisture, etc.KINGBOLEN BF100 Automotive Brake Fluid Tester

Why Choose OBDResource BF100 Brake Fluid Tester?
1. BF100 support DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1
2. BF100 is with high precision sensor
3. BF100 supports multi-type Fluid test
4. BF100 is with replaceable battery design
5. BF100 supports detecting water content
6. BF100 supports high-precision measurement
7. BF100 is the super-easy operation

KINGBOLEN BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester Description:
1. 5 Status Explanation:

With multiple LED indicators, the measurement results are more accurate and more convenient to use!
a. Red: Brake oil with at least 4% water content
b. Red: Brake oil with about 3% water content
c. Yellow: Brake oil with about 2% water content
d. Yellow: Brake oil with less than 1% water content
e. Green: Without water good condition

2. LED Display Explanation:
a. Green: The current test brake oil is in good condition.
b. Green/ Yellow: Brake oil with less TEMP than 1% water content, Brake oil performance is good, you can use it with confidence.
c. Green/Yellow/Yellow: Brake oil with about 2% water content, is still able to work.
e. Green/ Yellow/ Yellow/Red: Brake oil with about 3%, it is recommended to replace the brake fluid.
d. Green/ Yellow/ Yellow/Red/Red: Brake oil with at least 4%, replace immediately.

KINGBOLEN BF100 Auto Brake Fluid Diagnostic Tool

How To Use:
Step 1: Put 2 pcs AAA batteries into the main unit.
Step 2: Deep press the power button for 3 sec to power ON the unit.
Step 3: One press the power button to select the current oil type.
Step 4: Insert the test probe into the brake fluid (wipe the probe clean, otherwise it will affect the results) Detect the result by LED display.
Step 5: Hold pressing the power button for 2 seconds to turn on / off the LED flashlight.
Step 6: Deep press the power button for 3 sec to power the unit.

Model: BF100
Material: Industrial grade ABS material
Display: Industrial grade ABS material Three-color LED light display
Battery: Battery No. 7 (2 sessions)(not include)
Test Range: DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, DOT5.1
Temperature: 0-60°
Product Size: 6.73inch "1.56inch "0.87inch
Weight: 71g
Be Applicable: All vehicles

Tips: Please wipe the probe cleanly after each test to improve the service life!

1 * Brake Fluid Tester (Batteries not included)
1 * User Manual
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