1.How to join Launch X431 user group?

2.How to use scanner video?

3.How to check the car list?
Launch X431 Car list : https://qcar.x431.com/newqcar/
Launch CRP series car list: http://qcar.x431.com/crp/index.html#/
Many cars not in list but still support

4.How many years free update?
Life time free update: CR3001/CR3008/CRP123/VIII/CRP123E/CRP129E...

1 year free update: CRP429C/CRP909E/CRP919E/LAUNCH X431 Pad V/LAUNCH X431 PRO3S+ with HDIII/Thinkdiag...

2 years free update: LAUNCH X431 V4.0/Pro mini/Diagun IV/Diagun V/PRO3S+/THINKCAR PRO/PROS/PROS+...

5.How much does the X431 cost After 2 Years Free update?
Costs 399usd/Year for update after 2 years free update, but you still can use it after 2 years even without update.
Different upgrade fees for Launch X431 Pad III/V.
Click the link to get a renewal card! ! !
1. LAUNCH CRP Renewal Card(For LAUNCH CRP429/CRP429C/CRP479/CRP909/CRP909E/CRP909X...)
2. LAUNCH X431 and Diagun series renewal card(For LAUNCH X431 Diagun V/X431 V/X431 V+/X431 PRO3S+/X431 Pro Mini/X431 Pros Mini...)
3. LAUNCH X431 Pad III and X431 Pad V Renewal Card

6.How to download X431 new app?
Click below link to download
X431 V Pro
X431 Pro mini
X431 Diagun V
X431 V+
Launch X431 Official download page

7.How to download my user manual?
X431 V Pro
X431 Pro mini
X431 Diagun IV
Launch CRP123E
Launch CRP129E
Lunch CRP123
Launch Creader VIII
Launch CRP429C
Launch CR3001
Launch CR3008

8.Updating tool download
Launch CR3001
Launch CR3008
Launch CRP123
Launch Creader VIII
Kingbolen YA101
Kingbolen YA201
Kingbolen YA301

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