THINKCAR® Thinkdiag and Thinkdiag 2 All Softwares 1 Year Renewal Update

Style: Thinkdiag-One Year Renewal
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Note: This is a 1-year renewal fee for all Thinkdiag and Thinkdiag 2 software, excluding Thinkdiag or Thinkdiag 2!

1. After purchasing this software for renewal, please send your Thinkdiag serial number to us, will apply to THINKCAR official to activate your Thinkdiag 1-year renewal.

2. This link will not send any hardware, we usually take about 1-2 days to process your renewal, we will contact you by email after the renewal is activated!

3. If you need it urgently, buy it in the Thinkdiag App, the price is $129.

  • Hi Can you please let me know if you're thinkdiag renewal will work for this serial number. 979860134980. Many thanks

    Hello,  your thinkdiag can purchase this renewal!

  • Thinktool powered by Launch. SN 978490700172, software version V2.8.8, Thinkguard version V2.5.0, system version TC_Thinktool_028.2020112311

    Hello, what is the matter?

  • looking for renewal card for serial number 978490700172V0 thanks

    Hello, what is the model of your scanner? Thinkdiag?

  • Can i renew only Toyota Lexus and Honda

    After the renewal is completed, you can only download the software for these 2 models!

  • Hello, Can i usw this for serial 960680102104 THX Dany

    Hello, your Thinktool mini can not use this renewal!

  • Compatible with thinkdiag 2?

    Hello, you can choose “Thinkdiag 2-1 Year Renewal”.

  • How do i use my points i have on THINKDIAG, to purchase a new subscription for my Thinkdiag

    Select points at the time of purchase!

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