LAUNCH® Renewal Card for LAUNCH X431 OBD2 Sacnner

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year: 1 year(Gasoline 12V)
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Please send us your serial number before purchasing, we will first check whether your product can use our renewal card! Not all products support this renewal card!

Suitable For Products:
LAUNCH X431 Diagun IV/Diagun V/X431  V/X431 V+/X431Pro mini/X431 Pros mini/X431 V PRO/X431 PRO3S+...(LAUNCH X431 Pad II cannot be upgraded with renewal card!)

To avoid the delivery is losing and fast update for your x431, we can send the password only to you. (LAUNCH X431 PAD Series-PAD III/PAD V/PAD VII renewal card is not this, you need to purchase another renewal card!)
Once the renewal card is sent to you, returns and exchanges will not be allowed!

With Launch Renewal Card, you can update your device subscription anytime within a few minutes.
No longer worry about your subscription expiring at the most inopportune moment.
No need to find a dealer phone or go to the office to buy updates.
No need to create an FXO order in your personal account.
Just buy the renewal card and activate it in your app.

How to activate the Subscription Renewal Card?


Payment & Security


  • x431v タブレット シリアルナンバー985491047400 は大丈夫ですか。


  • シリアル985491047400 LAUNCH X431Vタブレットです。 利用可能ですか。

    Yes! マシンのBluetoothコネクタを再購入できます!

  • Do y'all send the card to me or is it a digital instant code

    Hello, it is not sending you the physical renewal card (it is easy to lose)! We will send the pictures to you directly via email!

  • Help me to renew my launch scanner

    Hi, You just need to send the scanner serial number to our email.
    And order the card on this page, then we will send a renewal card picture

  • Why can't I access my scanner? There was nothing when I purchased it (Diagun V) that that indicated the scanner would be useless if I chose not to update after the initial 2 yrs. It sounds like I should start a youtube campaign against Kingbolen and Launch!!!!!!!

    After the 2-year free upgrade of LAUNCH X431 Diagun V is over, you can still use it without upgrading! However, if you uninstall the APP or delete the diagnostic software, you will not be able to download it, and you can only download it again after renewing the subscription. This is the official decision of LAUNCH, if you have any questions, please contact the LAUNCH official!

  • Olá, meu número de série 985491836500 v0 , posso atualizar com esse cartão?

    Olá, o engenheiro da LAUNCH me disse que sua máquina pode ser atualizada com este cartão de renovação!

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