We are actively looking for partners to help us spread the word and sell our products. As a KINGBOLEN partner, you can earn a 5% sales commission on the order value.

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Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program Policy:
1. Joining the KINGOLEN affiliate program is completely free.
2. Affiliate partners can earn 5% on each sale.
3. Complete the order within 30 through your referral, you can get the sales commission.
4. If a customer returns, requests a refund, cancels an order, or reverses a credit card charge due to a dispute or credit card fraud within 30 days of purchase, the transaction will not be eligible for commission payment.
5. Please leave your correct Paypal account, we will pay your commission through Paypal; if you do not apply Paypal, please contact us!
6. Generally, we will pay you after the commission exceeds $50; if your commission does not exceed $50, but you want to get the commission first, you can contact me and we can pay your commission!