KINGBOLEN® BF200 DOT3 DOT4 DOT5.1 Brake Fluid Tester

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✅Wide Application:  KINGBOLEN BF200 brake fluid tester is a universal fit for most vehicles; Very convenient to use, and broadly applied in individual workshops, repair factories, and dealer workshops.
✅High Precision Universal Probe:  It is made of special materials that can be resistant to oils and oxidation, and not easily corroded; Very fast and accurate to test DOT-3, DOT-4, and DOT-5.1 brake fluid, only takes seconds to know the results.
✅Special Design:  High-resolution LCD display with backlit provides an intuitive interface for easy reading data even in the dark; An alarm will be given if the brake fluid contains too much water.
✅Energy Saving and Environmental Protection:  Our automotive brake fluid tester has an automatic shutdown function(power-saving), it will automatically shut down after 5 minutes of standby.
✅Screen Display Results: After the test, the results will be displayed directly on the high-definition screen to determine whether the brake fluid needs to be replaced.

KINGBOLEN BF200 Auto Brake Fluid Tester for DOT 3/ DOT 4/ DOT 5.1Advances about BF200 Brake Fluid Tester:
1. BF200 with Non-Slip Design, Fit for hand operation, easy to use.
2. BF200 with Removable Battery Cover, Easy to replace the batteries energy save the design.
3. BF200 with a screen can know the details more clearly.
4. BF200 with Universal Probe, High Sensitivity, Durable and can be twisted, convenient, and flexible.
5. When the moisture content of the brake fluid is detected to exceed the standard, the alarm will be sounded to replace the brake fluid.

How To Use?
1. Install 2PCS AAA 1.5V batteries at the back of the brake fluid tester. (battery not included)
2. After inserting the battery, press the POWER button to turn on the tester, the LCD display lights turn on indicating the product self-test is successful.
3. Press the MENU button, it will recycle from DOT3 to DOT4 to DOT5.1 on the display. Select the brake fluid model of your vehicle.
4. Put the gooseneck probe into the brake fluid and see the data on the display.
5. According to results to find out the status of brake fluid.KINGBOLEN BF200 Auto Brake Fluid Tester for DOT 3/ DOT 4/ DOT 5.1

1 * Brake Fluid Tester(without battery)
1 * User Manual
  • What Contaminants does it detect?Other than water.

    Sorry, this product can only display impurities and moisture content, and cannot detect other things.

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