KINGBOLEN® EL-50448 Tire Sensor TPMS Relearn Tool for GM

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✅Powerful Activation Tool: KINGBOLEN EL-50448 TPMS relearn tool is suitable for GM Vehicles(for Chevy/Buick/GMC/Opel/Cadillac etc) that are equipped with 315/433 MHz tire pressure monitor system Sensors.
✅Common Vehicle Tool: Tire Reset Activate Easily within 1-2 Mins, after tire rotations or change a new tire, Remote Control Door Lock Receiver Module replacement or Tire Pressure Sensor replacement.
✅Save Time and Money: The KINGBOLEN® EL-50448 Tire Pressure Sensor Activation Tool is quick and easy to easily activate all TPMS sensors in just 3 simple steps. Save on your trip to the auto repair shop!
✅High Quality: EL-50448 Tire Pressure Relearn Tool comes with Circuit Optimal Design, which makes the operation faster and more reliable. Compatible with high-quality environmental plastic material. Better than other ones, small but powerful.
KINGBOLEN EL-50448 Tire Sensor TPMS Relearn Tool for GM
When do you need to relearn the tool?
1. New TPMS sensors were installed, letting air out or adding air into the tire couldn’t make the system recognize new sensors.
2. Do tire rotation, didn’t have a quick and easy way to let ECU relearn new tire information.
3. When the tire pressure indicator lights are ON after the maintenance is performed, the tire pressure needs to be reset to turn off the TPMS light.
4. Low tire pressure or leakage /replacement or installation of tire pressure monitoring equipment/tire replacement, sensor damage, etc. After those problems are solved, TPMS needs to be reset.
5. Exchanging the winter tires or summer tires.

How to set your car in TPMS relearn mode?
1. Make the gear in P position.
2. Use cruise to choose TPMS re-learn mode in the dashboard settings.
3. Horn will ring twice and the TPMS indicator flashes, then the learning mode has been successfully entered. (If equipped, the message center will display the front left (LF) tire)
4. Before the tire pressure monitoring system works normally properly, the body control module will record ID information of each position in the tire pressure sensor.

How to use EL-50448 relearn tool?
1. Set the car into TPMS re-learn mode. (Car will horn twice)
2. Start from the left-front tire, hold unit next to Valve and Press White Button, the horn beeps once.
3. Follow this order to reset TPMS one by one: front-right, rear-right, rear-left tires.
4. After all sensors reset, the car horns twice means TPMS re-learn finished.


Package List:
1 x EL50448(Without battery)

Please hold the tool against the sidewall of the tire, near the valve stem to read sensor information, It couldn’t read it in an inappropriate position.

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  • Will the device work on a Peugeot Boxer Van 2015 model.

    Hello, this machine is only suitable for use on GM cars, such as Chevy/Buick/GMC/Opel/Cadillac etc..

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