KINGBOLEN® BM550 6V 12V 24V Auto Battery Tester

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✅Newest Car Battery Tester: KINGBOLEN BM550 battery tester can test 6V,12V, and 24V batteries, including lead batteries, AGM flat batteries, AGM spiral batteries, EFB batteries, and GEL batteries. Do not support electric new energy vehicles!!KINGBOLEN BM550 Newest 6V 12V 24V Automotive Battery Tester✅Various Battery Test Results: The battery analyzer adopts the latest conductivity method for measurement and accurate test results. Including internal resistance, voltage, state of health (SOH), battery power (SOC), and CCA.KINGBOLEN BM550 Newest 6V 12V 24V Car Battery Tester
✅Fast and ≥99.5% Accuracy: Built-in intelligent microprocessor, the test is fast and accurate, the accuracy rate is as high as 99.5%, and the test result can be displayed within two seconds.KINGBOLEN BM550 Newest 6V 12V 24V Car Battery Tester

✅Plug and Play: Just connect the clip of the tester to the battery, and it will open and be ready to test and analyze the battery. Reverse connection of the positive and negative poles will not damage the equipment, nor affect the car or battery. KINGBOLEN BM550 Newest 6V 12V 24V Car Battery Tester

Display: 1.8-inch high-definition backlit screen
Test range: 6V/12V/24V
Connection method: positive and negative alligator clips
Ah range: 2~220Ah

CCA range: 100-2000 CCA
Working voltage: 4.9V~32V
Working temperature: -20°C~50°C
Size: 124×69.6×22.6mm

What is the difference between the BM series Battery Tester products?

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1 * User Manual
  • Will the BM550 test sealed lead acid battery types and give a 20 hour discharge result?

    Hello, this machine cannot give 20 hours discharge result!

  • A 12 v lithium battery antigravity ah 1201 motorcycle can it check the voltage

    Sorry, this battery tester cannot test lithium batteries!

  • Can it check lithium Battery

    Hi, BM550 battery tester cannot check lithium batteries!

  • Does it work on 24 v lithium ion batteries,

    Hello, KINGBOLEN BM550 Battery Tester can detect 24V lithium battery!

  • can the bm550 peform start test ie cranking volts, also charging / ripple

    Hello, BM550 supports battery test.

  • Can you do amp hour batteries

    Sorry, I don't know what type of battery you have!

  • posso effettuare il test alla batteria collegata all'impianto dell'auto ?

    Funziona, signore.

  • Hallo, welcher Wert ist bei CCA anzugeben? CCA laut Herstellerangaben oder CCA (SAE) oder CCA (EN)?

    CCA is a parameter written directly on the battery

  • Is the CCA value to be input based on SAE or EN? Thanks

    CCA is a parameter written directly on the battery

  • que es CCA y como se calcula

    CCA is a parameter written directly on the battery

  • We can test the battery if the is in continuum connected to the charger? We need disconnect from the charger? How is better? Thanks

    Hello, it is best to disconnect the charging and then test the battery.

  • Can this tester bm550 check 6v deep cycle lead acid battery?

    Hello, BM550 can not check 6V deep cycle lead acid battery.

  • Was mache ich denn, wenn die zu messende Batterie keine CCA Wert Angabe hat?

    Bitte teilen Sie mir den AH-Wert mit, wir können ihn umrechnen.

  • On your "How to Use", step 2, it says to enter the battery CCA value. How does one determine that?

    Please look it up on your battery, it will usually be marked on the battery.

  • Can the BM550 product do a ripple/charging circuit test ?

    No, it can not! BM510, BM520, BM560 and BM580 can complete ripple test.

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