THINKCAR® Thinkscan Max OBD2 Scanner with 28 Reset Functions

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✅All Systems Scanner: THINKCAR Thinkscan Max allows you to diagnose all available systems of the vehicle, including IMMO, engine, gearbox, airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, SRS, BMS, immobilizer, gateway, steering, Air conditioning, etc.
THINKCAR® Thinkscan Max Bluetooth  OBD2 All System Scan Tool Lifetime Free Update
✅28 Special Reset Services: Including SAS reset, BRAKE reset, GEAR reset, OIL reset, IMMO reset, INJEC reset, TPMS reset, ETS reset, DPF reset, SUS reset, AFS reset, SUN reset, A/F reset, Tyre reset, AdBlue reset, AIRBAG reset, Battery Matching, ABS Bleeding, GEARBOX Learn, EGR Adaption, Language Change, Coolant Bleed, NOx Sensor, Seats Calibration, Stop-Start, Transport Mode, Windows Calibration, ODO Learn.
THINKCAR® Thinkscan Max Bluetooth  OBD2 All System Scan Tool Lifetime Free Update

Bi-directional Test+ECU Coding+WIFI Update: It has other value-added functions, such as Bi-directional function, ECU coding, screenshot function, etc. One-click auto-generate diagnostic report and e-print out the extensible printer module that is shared by mail or purchased. WIFI update, so you always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, new parameters and functions.
THINKCAR® Thinkscan Max Bluetooth  OBD2 All System Scan Tool Lifetime Free Update✅Support 15 Language+AUTO VIN+138 brands: THINKCAR Thinkscan Max supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Arabic, Greek, Slovak, Traditional, Korean; Auto VIN can access all vehicle systems to quickly diagnose problems with 138 car brands and thousands of models.
THINKCAR Thinkscan Max Car All Systems OBD2 Scanner with 28 Reset FunctionsNotice:
Does it support Bidirectional testing or ECU coding?
Yes, but you need to subscribe to these features. The price is $49.95 per year.

What is the difference between the THINKCAR all system diagnostic scanners?

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the difference between the THINKCAR all system diagnostic scanners

Display: 5.99-Inch/TFT(IPS)
Connection: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
ROM: 16G
Working temperature: 32℉~122℉
Storage temperature: -4℉~144℉

1 * Thinkscan Max Scanner
1 * ThinkDiag Mini Bluetooth connector
1 * User Manual
1 * Activation card
1 * Data cable
1 * Charging connector
1 * Packing box
  • Does it reprogram keys?

    No, it can't! You can use LAUNCH X431 PROG-3!

  • I see only 4 Asian vehicles listed. Is that all this tool will work on? Also this tool is advertised as Bi-Directional and ECM programing. One of your answers state this tool is not Bi-Directional. Which info is fact? Is this tool ECM programable and what makes it programable?

    Hello, the model is constantly updated, you can enter the model query link provided by this site to view! (
    The function provided by the product is specific to each car model. If the car itself does not have this function, then the function provided by the product cannot be used in the car!
    ThinkScan MAX supports Bi-Directional test and ECU coding, but you need to purchase it to use it.
    Finally, more advanced programming functions are not supported by this product. At present, only LAUNCH Pad V and THINKCAR Pros+ can support in my store, but some countries cannot do it due to legal restrictions. Please see the product details page for details!

  • How is the functionality for a 2011 Nissan Frontier, 2013 Toyota rav 4 and 2003 Ford Mustang?

    Yes, you can use Thinkscan Max to check these 3 models.

  • Does bi directional control work after 1 year is up without paying

    This one no bidirectional features.
    You can think about Thinktool Pro if you looking for a bidirectional scan tool

  • What functions after one year will I have to pay for ? I have 6 different cars I take care of so wondering what all would be additional cost after one year thank you

    Sorry to reply late,Thinkscan Max works on the full manufacturer.
    And lifetime free update.

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