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During a comfortable journey, the car broke down?

Going elsewhere in a hurry, suddenly find that the car can't start?

Bought a low-end model, but want a more advanced experience?

Want to maintain your car by yourself, but find that you don't have the right tools? A little car problem, too expensive to abandon the professional repair shop?

Engaged in car repair services, but do not have tools that are universally applicable to various car models? ......

In 1769, Frenchman NJ Gunew made the first steam car. It had three wheels.

In 1885, the German Gothrieb Daimler invented the first four-wheel car. Ford made the first car in 1896. By the 21st century, there were over 1 billion cars. We will always encounter all kinds of car problems, and KINGBOLEN® is committed to solving car problems!

car problem

Kingbolen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to car networking products, car detectors, code reading cards, and other automotive electronic products. It has successively established "KINGBOLEN®" and the "EDIAG®" brand. We have our own R&D and production departments. We have perfect after-sales policies and are committed to creating a mature service system!

The company has always insisted on "building the automobile service brand with the spirit of craftsmanship". It has promoted KINGBOLEN Technology's technology and services to the world with an innovative and pragmatic concept. Since its establishment, the company has always paid attention to the protection and independence of intellectual property rights. It has applied for over 60 intellectual property rights. These include more than ten invention patents and more than 20 appearance patents. It has applied for trademarks in more than 20 countries and regions.Kingbolen development history-2022
The company's business covers nearly 200 countries and regions on seven continents. It has a basic customer base of nearly 200,000. The global automotive aftermarket is growing at an explosive rate every year. The company has developed and the market demand has grown. KINGBOLEN Technology has kept growing and become the industry’s top tech and service brand.

Also, Kingbolen Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is the agent of LAUNCH®, THINKCAR®, OBDSTAR®, focusing on the automotive diagnostic industry for 20 years. We have implemented a comprehensive quality control system. We rely on advanced instruments. We also have a complete quality control system. We have experienced managers and senior engineers. With these, we can effectively meet customers' ever-changing needs. Our company adheres to the service goal of "High Quality, Integrity, Professionalism, and Innovation". We hope "KINGBOLEN®" will become a world-renowned brand soon.About Kingbolen
We will uphold KINGBOLEN's gold quality, grow our business, and work hard. We also aim to attract outstanding people who want to grow with Kingbolen. Create the future!