THINKCAR® Thinktool Pro ECU Coding Bidirectional OBD2 Scanner

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✅All Systems Diagnosis: With professional-level diagnostics, THINKCAR Thinktool Pro provides a complete system of diagnosis for users. They include the ECM, ABS, SRS, transmission, BMS, EPB, SAS, TPMS, wiper system, fuel system, etc. You can pull ECU information, read and clear codes, reset functions, ECU coding, action test...
THINKCAR Thinktool Pro Full System Bidirectional Scan Tool
✅28 Maintenance Functions: SAS/BRAKE/GEAR/OIL/IMMO/INJEC/TPMS/BMS/ABS BLEED/ETS/DPF/SUS/AFS/AdBlue/AIRBAG reset, SUNROOF, GEARBOX LEARN, EGR Adaption, Language Change, A/F, Coolant Bleed, NOX Sensor, Seats Calibration, Stop-Start, Transport Mode, Tyre Reset, Windows Calibration, ODO calibration.(More reset functions are in the car diagnostic softwares!) Make it a perfect workshop accessory for mechanicians, enthusiasts, and DIYers.
THINKCAR Thinktool Pro Full System Bidirectional Scan Tool
✅Bi-directional Test+ECU Coding+Key Matching: With bidirectional control, you can perform tests and solve problems in the vehicle diagnostic system. Some tests that the device can perform include turning on and off the fuel pump... ECU coding enables you to adjust, remap or code the module to perform operations different from the specification; Key matching enables your car to identify new keys. Prepare for one more key!
THINKCAR Thinktool Pro All Systems Bidirectional OBD2 Scanner
✅Strong Hardware & Wireless Connect: This auto scanner is a well-equipped technician in a tablet. It comes with an 8-inch HD screen and Android 10.0. You no longer have to connect your vehicle with a cable, instead, you can carry out specific repairs from the workbench. It also offers 32GB of storage and is equipped with a rechargeable 6,000mAh(7.6V) lithium battery for 10 hours of operation.

THINKCAR Thinktool Pro Full System Bidirectional Scan Tool

6 Reasons to Choose ThinkTool Pro:
1. 2 years free update.
2. Full Systems Diagnoses+Active Test (Bi-directional Control)+ECU Coding+Key Matching.
3. More advanced features in 2021: Windows Calibration + Seats Calibration + Tire reset + Language Change + A/F Reset + Transport Mode + NOX Sensor Reset + Stop/Start Reset.
4. Adaptation+Matching+28 Reset Services+Initialization+Auto VIN+One Click Update+Diagnostic Report+Diagnostic Feedback.
5. Support 27 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Greek, Slovak, Romanian, Arabic, Croatian, Slovenian, Finnish, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Persian, Serbian, Vietnamese.

6. Support 8 additional diagnostic modules expansion: printer, work light, endoscope, battery tester, oscilloscope, thermal imaging, charging base, and TPMS tool. (not in the package)

What is the difference between the THINKCAR all system diagnostic scanners?

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the difference between the THINKCAR all system diagnostic scanners

Operating System: Android 10
Camera: Rear camera 8.0MP
Memory: 2G
Network: Wi-Fi, WL AN 802. 11b/g/n
Storage: 32G
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery: 6000mAh/7.6V
Working Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C
Screen: 8 inches
Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C"

1 * Thinktool Pro Scanner
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * Suitcase
1 * Bluetooth connector
2 * Fuses
7 * Connecting Wire
9 * Adapter
  • can Thinktool Pro write a vin to an ECM or any other module

    Hello, what is your model and model year? I need to hand it over to THINKCAR's engineers to check!

  • est-ce-que je peux avoir la lecture de la suspention électronique d'une cadilac deville (concour) 1996

    Bonjour, puis-je demander que votre voiture dispose d'un système de suspension, notre ingénieur a dit que votre voiture n'a pas de système de suspension !

  • at the end of the two year free update does the tool still work if you do not renew subscription

    Hello, at the end of two years of free updates, if you don't renew, THINKCAR Thinktool Pro works fine! Just can't upgrade, can't use online features.

  • How much does it cost for the updates! Can you use every function after the updated run out? Thank you

    Hello, the renewal subscription is $399 a year!

  • the price you show is that the final price at check out no other fee like customs duty if shipped to the UK

    Hello, this is the final price charged by our store. Sending to the UK is free shipping, and it happens to be in stock in the UK warehouse, so no customs duties are charged! But if it is shipped from other warehouses, customs duties will be charged!

  • Does thinktool pro 2021 work with old jeep and dodge 2017 and earlier?

    Hello, our engineer said, THINKCAR Thinktool Pro can be used on JEEP and Dodge cars from 17 years ago!

  • Can u reset long term fuel trim?

    Sorry, this product does not support this feature. And our engineer told me that this function is adjusted by the car ECU itself, and generally does not support manual modification. If there is a problem with this data, it is usually a problem with the car.

  • Does the Thinktool Pro have the electronic parking brake function?

    Hi, THINKCAR Thinktool Pro has an electronic parking brake function!

  • Is Thinktool Pro a ready to use Bi-Directional tool? Can it program an ECM?

    Hello, it is Bi-Directional tool. But does not support programming function!

  • If I need to change the bcm or the ac heater module will this be able to adapt the new module, and will it recalibrate the hvac actuators

    Hello, replace with a new module, if you just do code matching, you can do it. But if you want to modify it, you can’t.

  • How do you use the camera on think tool pro ?

    1. Click Settings
    2. Click on Merchant Management
    3. Click to upload an avatar
    4. Tap to take a photo

  • whats the difference between thinktool pro and thinktool proS

    Thinktool pros memory 4GB, storage 64GB, 10-inch screen, in addition to support smart topology display and ADAS function; Thinktool pro memory 2GB, storage 32GB, 8-inch screen, no smart topology display and ADAS function;

  • Blue driver won't connect to my car unless it's running ,will thinktool?

    Yes, you only need to start the vehicle to connect and use it.

  • Can I pay the customs fees for the product in the store online or in my country (Morocco)

    yes you can do that

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