THINKCAR® ThinkDiag 2 CAN-FD Bi-directional OBD2 Scanner

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✅The Upgraded Version of Thinkdiag: THINKDIAG 2 supports CAN-FD protocol, more than Thinkdiag protocol; THINKDIAG 2 has 5.0 Bluetooth, Thinkdiag is only 4.2 Bluetooth; THINKDIAG 2 has a double-sided indicator light, upgraded soft rubber sleeve, and obd2 data cable.THINKCAR ThinkDiag 2 All Systems OBD2 Scanner With CAN-FD Protocol
✅Full Systems Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner: Compatible with Android and iOS. Support OBD2 10 functions and all system diagnostic functions, perform testing and maintenance functions of ECM, BCM, SRS, TCM and BMS, TPMS, SAS, A/C system, etc.THINKCAR ThinkDiag 2 All Systems OBD2 Scanner With CAN-FD Protocol
✅Smart Diagnostic Tool: The Auto VIN feature enables it to automatically recognize most car models. After a diagnosis is complete, the system automatically creates a full system vehicle health report, which can be shared and printed via email. The 4-in-1 data graph can better monitor vehicle performance and analyze abnormal parameters.THINKCAR ThinkDiag 2 All Systems OBD2 Scanner With CAN-FD Protocol
✅With 15 Reset Functions: ThinkDiag 2 has Oil Lamp Reset/Injector Coding/ABS Bleeding/DPF Regeneration/Throttle Adaptation/Brake Reset/TPMS Reset/SAS Reset/Battery Matching/Immobilizer Matching/Gearbox Matching/AFS Matching/Suspension Matching/ETS Reset/Sunroof Initialization.THINKCAR ThinkDiag 2 All Systems OBD2 Scanner With CAN-FD Protocol
✅ Bidirectional Control & ECU Coding: Through the APP (ThinkDiag+), the ThinkDiag Bidirectional scanning tool can perform special functions on some compatible cars. With bidirectional control, you can test different systems or open and close valves in the vehicle to troubleshoot internal problems. CAN-FD Protocol now adds more models!
THINKCAR ThinkDiag 2 All Systems OBD2 Scanner With CAN-FD Protocol
What is the difference between the THINKCAR all system diagnostic scanners?
Click here to see clearer pictures and more detailed comparisons!the difference between the THINKCAR all system diagnostic scanners

Support System: Android & IOS
Bluetooth: Hardware supports 5.0BLE, Bluetooth dual mode
Diagnostic Interface: DB15
Working Voltage: 12V
Working Temperature: -10℃~50℃
Storage Environment: ﹣20-60℃
Overall Size: 120.5mm*65mm*29mm
Shell Material: ABS+PC+TPU rubber sleeve
Length of OBD Cable: 0.65 meter

1 * Thinkdiag 2
1 * OBD2 Cable
1 * Manual
  • Se puede programar una llaves

    ¡Esta máquina no se puede programar! ! !
    ¡Sólo se puede completar el trabajo de emparejamiento de claves!

  • Does the thinkdiag2 come with 1 free year of full car diagnostic for all car models?

    Yes, 1 free year of full car diagnostic for all car models

  • does this tool do active tests and ECU coding do you have pay extra for these functions, or is $159 the final price.

    Hello, there is no extra charge for active tests and ECU coding, this is the final price!

  • Hi, There is all brand diagnostic with 1 year free update?? What gonna be happen after 1 year with scanner? gonna be locked or it will be work without update or i need to pay? How much cost update after 1 year?

    Hello, some have free updates for 1 year, and some have free updates for 2 years. Some machines can be used normally after expiration, while others need to be upgraded before they can be used. Update fees vary!

  • Le thinkdiag2 permet-il de corriger le niveau additif FAP sur une Citroen C5 1.6l HDI (X7-9HL) de 2012 et de supprimer le voyant FAP niveau additif trop faible? Merci d'avance...

    Hello, do you need the Diesel Additive Maintenance function? If it is this function, then the machine supports

  • I want to know if this unit can access BECM codes

    Hello, thank you for your support, in order to better solve your problem, please send us the model and year of your car, thanks!

  • Are you able program keys

    Hello, Thinkdiag 2 do not have programming functions. You can choose the LAUNCH X431 IMMO Elite!

  • Can you use more than 1 tablet or phone for the 1 unit? eg can I have the program on my phone for when I'm on the road and on my tablet for home use.

    That is OK. Just log in to the same account! But it is not recommended to use it on a tablet!

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