LAUNCH® CRT5011E TPMS Sensor Relearn and Program Tool

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✅315MHz/433MHz Multifunctional TPMS Tool & OBD2 Scanner: LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS tool is an integrated professional tire pressure diagnostic tool that can be used to activate, read, learn and program TPMS sensors. Also, it provides OBD2 diagnostics, including reading/clearing Codes, I/M Readiness...LAUNCH CRT5011E 315/433MHz TPMS Programming and Relearn Tool
✅TPMS Relearn+Read TPMS ECU ID: LAUNCH CRT5011E supports 3 Relearn methods, 0BD Relearn, Automatic Relearn, and Stationary Relearn. You can write the newly programmed sensor ID into the vehicle ECU. You can easily activate any brand of the sensor with this TPMS reset toolLAUNCH CRT5011E 315MHz 433MHz TPMS Programming and Relearn Tool
✅Support Sensor Programming: 3 sensor programming methods are provided: automatic, manual, and copy by activation. You can use this function to program sensor data to a blank LAUNCH sensor. LAUNCH CRT5011E 315MHz 433MHz TPMS Programming and Relearn Tool
Lifetime Free Upgrade + More Vehicle Coverage: LAUNCH CRT5011E TPMS tool can be upgraded for free from the PC side. At the same time, it covers 99% of the cars on the market, which is very suitable for auto repair shops or tire repair shops.LAUNCH CRT5011E 315MHz 433MHz TPMS Programming and Relearn Tool
LAUNCH CRT5011E has 5 modes to program LAUNCH tire pressure sensors and other Unencrypted Sensors:
Auto Create: This function is designed to program the LAUNCH-sensor by applying random IDs created according to the test vehicle when it is unable to obtain the original sensor ID. Select the wheel which needs to be programmed on the tool, places a LAUNCH-sensor close to the TPMS antenna of the tool, and select CREATE SENSOR to create a new random sensor ID.
Manual Create: This function allows users to manually enter sensor ID. Users can enter the random ID or the original sensor ID, if it is available.
Copy ID by activation: It can get tire pressure sensor ID when the tire sensor is working normally, you can write in the retrieved original sensor data to the LAUNCH-sensor. It is used after the original sensor is triggered.
Copy by OBD: Firstly, you need to perform a Read ID from Vehicle in the Relearn function, which reads the sensor ID from the vehicle ECU. It can be used if the sensor is damaged and the original ID is saved in the vehicle system. You can use it to get the old sensor ID stored in ECU, and write it directly into your LAUNCH RF-sensor.
Create Multi-sensor 1-8: This function allows users to program multiple sensors simultaneously. Up to 8 sensors can be programmed at the same time.
Screen: 3.5” LCD display with a resolution of 320*480 pixels
Input voltage: 9~18V via OBD diagnostic port / 5V via USB cable
Operating temperature: 32°F~122°F / 0°C~50°C
Storage temperature: -4°F~158°F / -20°C ~70°C @ RH60%
Battery: 3100mAh
Memory: 16GB
Size: 200*115*35 mm
Weight: <450g
1 * LAUNCH CRT5011E Scanner
1 * Nylon Bag
1 * USB Cable
1 *Card Reader
1 *OBD2 Cable
1 * US Charging Head
1 * EU Charging Head
1 * UK Charging Head
  • bought the CRT5011E and its not working error Scanner does not read ID number???

    Hi, please send me a video of your diagnostic steps!

  • Will this work on a 2016 ram dulley with 434 MHz sensor's

    Yes, it can work on your car!

  • Will this work with the 2021 Kia Telluride's TPMS system?

    Hello, this product is not suitable for your model!

  • Subaru Levorg 2020 mit Schrader Sensoren ist kompatibel?

    Hallo, Unterstützung.

  • Will it work with a Jeep Compass 2014?

    Hello, our engineer replied, CRT5011E can be used in your car!

  • Will this work for my 2018 Nissan pathfinder?

    Hello, our engineer said LAUNCH CRT5011E can work on your car!

  • Hi will this work on 2021 Honda pilot?

    Hello, this machine can only be used for GM vehicles!

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