LAUNCH® X431 V 4.0 (X431 V Pro) Full Systems ECU Coding Car Scanner

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✅All Systems Scan Tool+15 Free Reset Services(16 paid reset services can be added): This is a professional car diagnostic tool that scans all systems of the car, such as ABS, SRS, exhaust system... And equipped with 15 free reset functions, injector reset, IMMO, battery register, ABS bleeding, electronic throttle reset, DPF, gear learning, oil/EPB/TPMS/ AFS/EGR/gearbox/sunroof/SAS reset. 16 paid reset is EGR Adaption,A/F,Coolant Bleed,NOx Sensor,Seats Calibration,Transport Mode,Tyre Reset,Windows Calibration,AdBlue Rest,A/C relearn,Intelligent Cruise Control,ENG Power Balance Monitoring,Motor Angle Calibration,High Voltage Battery Diagnostics,GPF regeneration,Resrt Program.
LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 (X431 V Pro) Full Systems ECU Coding Car Scanner
✅Bidirectional Test+Active Test+ECU Coding+Adaptation+Initialization+Matching Functions: As a professional car diagnostic tool, LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 includes a variety of advanced functions (no programming function). It is a scanning tool with bidirectional control, used to perform specific tests and functions, for example, open and close the air conditioner clutch, Fuel pump, purge control solenoid valve, etc.
LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 (X431 Pro) Full System  ECU Coding Scanner Tool
✅All-in-one Graphic Data Stream+Health Report Generate and Share: View and capture (record) data in real-time. This data, including the current operating status of the parameters and/or sensor information, can provide information about the overall performance of the vehicle. Also, you can generate a full system Diagnostic Report by ONE-CLICK, the reports can be emailed to the office or directly to your customer. You can also print out the vehicle health report card.
LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 (X431 Pro) Full System  ECU Coding Scanner Tool
✅ High-quality and Better Hardware: Android 9.0 system, quad-core 2.0Hz CPU, 8-inch touch screen(1280*800), 32GB SD card (expanded to 128GB), front and rear cameras, 5000mAh battery support 10 hours, 2.4GHz/5GHz Wifi, 2MP Front camera, 5MP Rear camera.

LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 (X431 Pro) Full System  ECU Coding Scanner Tool✅24 Language Support+150 Car Brands Coverage: It is suitable for automobile brands in Asia, Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, etc. Support English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Danish, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, you can change the language you want.
LAUNCH® X431 V 4.0 (X431 Pro) Full System  ECU Coding Scanner ToolNOTE:
1. How to check the car list?
Many cars are not on the list but still support

2. How many years of free updates?
2 years(Now change to 2 years free upgrade!)

3. Download
X431 Pro manual
X431 Pro APP

4. Does it support online programming on a new module?
No, Try to the Launch X431 PAD V.

5. Does it support extended functions?
Currently supports Endoscopes, TPMS, Immobilizer Programmers, Wi-Fi Printers, Battery Inspection Tools.


Product name: X431 V 4.0/X431 V Pro
Central Processing Unit: 2.0 GHz
Operating System: Android 9.0
Memory: 3GB
Read-only Memory: 32GB (up to 128GB)
Battery: 5000mAh
Size: 8 inches
Resolution: 1280*800
Camera: front 2.0 Megapixels / rear 5.0 megapixels
WIFI: 2.4Ghz / 5GHz (dual frequency)
USB: Micro USB

Package List:
1 * X431 V 4.0 Host
1 * Packing box
1 * Manual
1 * Certificate of conformity
1 * Confidential letter
1 * Charger
4 * Fuse
26 * OBDI/OBDII connection tool

LAUNCH X431 V 4.0 (X431 Pro) Full System  ECU Coding Scanner Tool

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  • Will the X-431 V+ V 4.0 reprogram new key fobs for 2020 Toyota C-HR

    Hello, X431 V 4.0 does not support programming, so there is no key programming function! But it supports the "key matching" function.

  • Will this reprogram new key fobs for a 2012 F-150 as is or do you need to download extra programs? Does this also include the TPMS reset tool in the kit or do you need to purchase that separately? Thanks.

    Hello, Yes Launch X431 Pro can do key coding on your car but it should be a programmed module, not the bland one.
    If you want to get the Launch X431 Pro& TPMS tool fit, please order it on amazon.

  • will this work for a 2004 volvo s60R? will it be able to do everything programming and calibrating wise? as well as tuning? and disgnostics?

    Updating 2020-11-17
    Mercedes-Benz, BMW,VW, VOLVO are special, Launch X431 Pro can not do key programming on these car brand.
    But No problem if you do calibration or relearn service.

    Hi, sorry to reply late.
    X431 Pro can able to do ECU coding, key programming, bidirectional test, all system scan on your car

  • my x431v software was removed be backup, can I have it re-installed?

    Yes, you can download a new app to install.
    Tips for how to install an app.

  • How's the warranty on tool

    Hello dear,5 years warranty if you bought X431 from Kingbolen.
    2 years free update,Thanks for you question.

  • What’s the difference between “x431 v pro” and x431v+?

    Hi,They have same functios.
    There is the difference of launch x431 v pro and V+:
    Screen: V+ is 10 inch V is 8 inch,v+ cost more $300 than X431 V pro.
    Support :V support light 12v Light truck & all obd/EOBD/JOBD/OBDII cars.
    V+ support 12v and some of 24v heavy truck (need extra cost $490 to buy a Heavy Paid).

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