"Can you renew for my Launch model?"

We get many email about update scanner.

Free to check below case.

I recently bought a Launch CRP Touch scanner tool and I would like to buy a renewal card for it.
Serial Number: 9684981*****
No,the scan tool from local dealer,we can not renew for it.

I am looking to purchase a 1 year renewal card for my X-431V. My serial number is 9854919*****.
Yes,we can renew for the scanner.

I just buy the upgrade subscription the serial no. 9797940***** model crp909.
Sure,we will send renew card picture soon.

Serial number of the launch c429
SN: 9774900*****
Yes,we can renew for CRP429

So what's more model we can renew for you?
For Launch X431 Series
[Gasoline] products:Diagun III/diagun IV/Diagun V/X431 V/X431V+/X431Pro mini/X431 Pros mini/X431 PRO/X431 PRO3/X431 PAD/X431 PAD II/X431 Pros/X431 Pro3S/
[Diesel] products:X431 HD,X431 HD2,X431 HD3
Gasoline Diesel:X431 HD,X431 HD2,X431 HD3.

For Launch Creader series
CRP429/ CRP423 /CRP479/ CRP469/ CRP909 ect.

Please be mind:
1.We only renew for online product,so please email us before buying a renewal card.
2.We only send renewal card picture after placed order so you can quick get passwords to update scanner.

Once we have make sure we can renew for you,you can order the card on this website.

Crp429Crp429cCrp469Crp479Crp909Pro miniX431 diagunX431 pro miniX431 v+

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Karim Adams

Karim Adams

Can you renew for Launch CRP touch Pro?

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