Launch Creader 3001 engine scanner

We got lot of question about Launch Creader 3001 in the past we are collecting here and hope it helpful for you.

1.Where I can get Launch Creader 3001 update software?
Check here to download CR3001 update software.
Please be mind,Launch CR3001 is a 'standard' OBD2 scanner,so no need to update if it work well on your car.

2.Can I get Launch CR3001 car list?
Launch creader 3001 support most of cars after 1996 in USA.
If your comes with 16 OBD2 port it should be support.

3.Where I can get Launch Creader 3001 manual?
Check here to download CR3001 manual.

4.I am new and just start to use Launch Creader 3001,have a video?
Yes,here is the video that how to use Launch CR3001.

5.What's the difference betweent CR3001 and CR319?
CR3001 is the Original version and the diagnostic process works better.

6.Who will use this scanner?
Car owners,DIY home mechanic and automotive students.

7.Can it support read ABS SRS codes?
No,it only read/clear engine system.Try to check Launch CRP123E if you want to read abs srs codes.

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