About The Adjustment of LAUNCH CRP909E, CRP919E, CRP429C Upgrade Functions

LAUNCH CRP909E, CRP429C, and CRP919E, these 3 products are free to upgrade for 1 year before October 2022, and now LAUNCH has officially adjusted the free upgrade period of these three products to 2 years! ! !

In addition, LAUNCH CRP909E and CRP919E have added 2 reset functions each, the free reset functions of LAUNCH CRP909E have been increased from 26 to 28, and the special functions of LAUNCH CRP919E have been increased to 31!

LAUNCH CRP919E now also adds the ECU Coding function, the original prices of the above three products remain unchanged!

Click to learn more:

LAUNCH CRP909E: https://kingbolentool.com/products/launch-crp909e-wifi-all-system-code-reader-with-26-reset-features>

LAUNCH CRP919E: https://kingbolentool.com/products/launch-crp919e-can-fd-and-doip-obd2-sanner-with-29-reset-functions>

LAUNCH CRP429C: https://kingbolentool.com/products/launch-crp429c-obd2-scanner>

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