How to connect the newly purchased LAUNCH Bluetooth Connector to the machine?
Many customers bought a new LAUNCH replacement Bluetooth connector in our store, but after receiving the new connector, they don't know how to connect.
Then, you can follow the steps below to connect the new Bluetooth connector:
1. Please enter the decoder and enter the tablet settings, cancel the saving of the previous Bluetooth SN, and search for a new SN;
2. Then open the diagnostic software, enter the "personal center", find "my connector", and then connect the new SN;
3. Then update the all diagnostic software again.
(The SN is serial number)
 LAUNCH replacement Bluetooth connector
Please note that the serial number of the new bluetooth connector is not the same as the original serial number, but we let you send your scanner information and personal information after you purchased the bluetooth connector, and have transferred all the information of the old bluetooth connector to Go to this new bluetooth connector, so even if the serial number of the bluetooth connector is different, it can still be connected and used! (That's why you are asked to provide information!)
 LAUNCH replacement Bluetooth connector
There is another problem. When you connect a new Bluetooth connector, if the machine shows that this VCI is already on another account, it means that you are not logged in to the account of this machine. You can only use the account registered for this machine to connect to the new Bluetooth Connector!

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No puede conectar mi nuevo vci

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