When Is It Time to Replace Your Car Tires?
The service life of car tires is generally four years or 80,000 kilometers. If the tires are severely worn, they must be replaced in advance. Each tire tread groove has a mark of wear limit, and the thickness of the mark is about 2mm.

The main raw material of tires is rubber material. Rubber will age under long-term exposure and soaking conditions, not to mention that cars are often exposed to various other bad weather. After the tire ages, the hidden dangers will gradually increase. Generally speaking, the fuel consumption will increase under normal driving, and the grip of the tread will decrease, resulting in an increase in the braking distance, and the slippery road will be extremely slippery. Replacement, the safety risk will be greatly increased, from a safety point of view, it is necessary to replace the tire.

You can determine whether the tire needs to be replaced according to the following methods:
1. Tire aging occurs. If there are many small cracks in the tread groove or the edge of the tire, the tire must be replaced in time, no matter how long the tire has been used.
2. If the tread groove depth of the tire is less than 1.6 mm, the tire must be replaced. At this time, the drainage capacity of the tire has been greatly reduced, and the vehicle will be more dangerous when driving on a slippery road.

Is it possible to always refill the tire?
One or two repairs won't affect the tire's service life, but after multiple repairs, it's time to replace the tire for safety reasons. Because when driving at high speed, the temperature inside the tire will be very high, although it has been compensated, it is still prone to danger. In addition, it is very dangerous for the tires to be bagged. If you find deformation, you should go to a professional repair shop for inspection and treatment as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to replace the tires. The occurrence of this situation in the tire can prove that the metal coil in the tire has been deformed. If you continue to drive, there is a high risk of a tire blowout. The tire wall is indeed more dangerous than the tread injury, because if the damaged part is located on the underside of the mark and close to the wheel hub, the tire must be replaced at this time, because the strength of the steel wire here is very weak, and this place will inevitably be damaged during the tire installation process after repairing. The effect of repair cannot be guaranteed due to extrusion deformation.

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