How Much Do You Know About the Daily Maintenance of Your Cars?

As the saying goes, the car pays attention to "seven points of maintenance and three points of repair". Although good maintenance cannot keep the car young forever, it can make the car healthy and consistent.

So, if you own a car, will you maintain it regularly? How to maintain it? What maintenance matters are worth noting?

Car maintenance

Q: Is the car normally maintained by kilometers? Or maintenance by time?
Hey, the manufacturer stipulates 5,000 kilometers or 6 months for maintenance, whichever comes first, but try not to exceed 5,000 kilometers. When you go for maintenance, remember to bring your driving license and owner's manual, and make an appointment in advance if you can make an appointment to avoid waiting in line~

Q: The second maintenance of the car? What are the main things to maintain?
Hey, the second guarantee (about 10,000 kilometers) needs the following maintenance:
①Routine maintenance: replace oil and filter; clean engine compartment sewage; replace air conditioner filter element; replace air filter element.
②Clean the throttle valve and idle motor; the whole vehicle light detection.
③ Check that the sunroof rails are clean and lubricated.

Q: The car is not driven often. Does it need maintenance when the maintenance date is reached? How many kilometers is a full synthetic engine oil usually maintained?
Hey, even if the car is not used often, it still needs maintenance after the kilometers and time. If you use fully synthetic oil, it is recommended that you can extend the maintenance mileage and time appropriately, but it should not exceed 10,000 kilometers~

Q: Is the maintenance of the vehicle recommended by the 4S shop? Or according to the car's instruction manual maintenance?
Hey, the recommendations of the 4S shop are the same as the instruction manual. Some regular maintenance items will be done in the 4S shop. You can choose to use or not use some of the additional items or recommended products that the 4S shop asks for!

Q: How often should an electric vehicle be maintained? Which items are maintained?
Hey, the maintenance items for electric vehicles are relatively less, mainly including tire wear inspection, brake oil detection, battery coolant, and air conditioning filter; the maintenance cycle is also longer than that of fuel vehicles. In addition, the core battery, motor, and electronic control system of the electric vehicle also need to be tested, and the 4S shop is regularly checked according to the vehicle usage.

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