How to maintain your car engine
The car engine is the heart of the vehicle, and proper maintenance is crucial for the performance and longevity of the vehicle. Here are some suggestions on how to maintain your car engine:

Regular Oil and Filter Changes: Keeping the engine clean and lubricated is crucial. Regularly change the oil and filters according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule based on time or mileage.

Maintain Proper Cooling System Operation: Regularly check coolant levels and ensure there are no coolant leaks in the system. Timely coolant replacement can prevent engine overheating.

Regularly Replace Air Filters and Spark Plugs: Ensure the engine receives adequate oxygen and fuel to enhance combustion efficiency. Regularly replacing air filters and spark plugs can help maintain the engine's normal operation.

Inspect Belts and Drive Systems: Regularly inspect belts (such as timing belts) and drive systems to ensure they are free from wear or looseness. This helps prevent sudden failures and damage to other engine components.

Drive in a Normal Manner: Avoid rapid acceleration, sudden braking, and long periods of driving at low speeds, as these behaviors can put additional strain on the engine.

Perform Regular Engine Cleaning: Use professional engine cleaning agents to remove carbon buildup and impurities, maintaining internal cleanliness and improving combustion efficiency.

Pay Attention to Unusual Noises and Vibrations: If you notice any abnormal sounds, vibrations, or signs of malfunction in the engine, promptly inspect and repair them. Delays in addressing these issues may lead to more serious problems.

By following these maintenance recommendations, you can ensure the good condition of your car engine, extend its lifespan, reduce repair costs, and enhance driving safety.

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