What is the tire pressure detection system(TPMS systems)?
The Role of TPMS:
It is to automatically monitor the tire pressure in real time while the car is running, and to alarm the tire leak and low pressure to ensure driving safety.

TPMS System Classification:

Indirect tire pressure monitoring system
The indirect tire pressure monitoring system (Wheel-Speed Based TPMS) is also called WSB. WSB needs to compare the speed difference between the tires through the wheel speed sensor of the car's ABS system to achieve the purpose of monitoring tire pressure. ABS uses the wheel speed sensor to determine whether the wheels are locked, so as to decide whether to activate the anti-lock braking system. When tire pressure is reduced, the weight of the vehicle causes the diameter of the tires to decrease, causing a change in vehicle speed. The change of vehicle speed will trigger the alarm system of WSB, thus reminding the owner to pay attention to the insufficient tire pressure. Therefore, indirect TPMS belongs to passive TPMS.
Direct tire pressure monitoring system
Direct tire pressure monitoring system (Pressure-Sensor Based TPMS, referred to as PSB), PSB is to use the pressure sensor installed on the tire to measure the air pressure of the tire, and use the wireless transmitter to send the pressure information from the inside of the tire to the central receiver module system, and then display the tire pressure data. When the tire pressure is low or leaks, the system will alarm. Therefore, the direct TPMS belongs to the active TPMS.

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