Today,we will best to learn how to use a Launch X431 Pro mini.

1.Make sure the full part before register the Launch X431 Pro mini.Here is the unboxing picture.

2.Try to get the newest system version for Launch X431 Pro mini.

It would be automatic restart after updating the Launch X431 pro mini system.

3.Please try to following the video to register a account for yourself if you have not a account.

This is Launch X431 Pro register video but also work well for Launch pro mini,Diagun etc...

 4.Now we can download vehicles software when we got new X431 account.You may need wait 1~2 hours for software updating. 

We can try to play it on cars when all job down.

So how to start with the Launch pX431 Pro mini?

Let check the 'Tradition Diagnose' in X431 app.

Select car brand to diagnose.

PS: if you not in car,try to use 'DEMO' features to play and learn it.We will introduce key features in below Demo picture.

Here we selected 'DEMO' to play it.

Health Report mean that you can fast to scan your car and get health report.

System Scan mean that you can all system direct.

System selection that mean you can select test part of system to scan.

Let's check the ECM,we can see below features.

*Version information

*Read Fault Code

*Clear Fault Memory

*Read Live data

*Actuation test

*Special function


Let select test items to view live data graph.

OK,we can not inroduce all feature in here.but we would like to share Launch X431 user manual and video.

Launch X431 Pro mini user quick guide.


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