Today,we will post a tips to show how to use a Launch X431 Diagun for DIY beginner.

This tips works well for Launch X431 Diagun IV and Diagun V.

Diagun V is the newest version in 2020.

We will use Diagun IV as demo picture in below case.

This is Launch X431 Diagun app interface.Click 'Diagnose'.

If you still have not a account,please following video to create a Launch X431 account.The register video work well for Launch X431 Diagun,Launch X431 V Pro,Launch X431 Pro min etc.

Select 'Demo',if you just first time to play it and not in car.we will recommend use 'DEMO' features.

We will see

Health Report

System Scan

System Select

Health Report mean that you can fast scan car and know the diagnostic trouble code in every module.

System Select that mean you can select the system which you want to test to scan.

Select ECM (engine control module)

Check Version Information,you can get the Vin.

Check the Special function and actuation test.

Special function that mean you can use Launch X431 to do ECU coding,which like you can do relearn service after changed vehicle sensor.

Actuation test mean you can turn on/off headlight,EVAP etc...

We also call it bidirectional test.

Select the item data stream.

You can select the item you want to view.

You can click the button 'record' to record live data. 


 Other features like create fault reports and on board module programming.

If you still want to learn more,no we have Launch user manual and how to use video.Hope you guys enjoy it.Thank you for your time.

Launch X431 Diagun user quick guide manual.

How to use a Launch X431 Diagun video

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