Today,we will introduce how to use a Launch CRP429C OBD2 scanner,this tips also works well with CRP429.

Let check the Launch CRP429C Interface

Here we can see 


Not sure how to start? Please click the 'Diagnose'>'Autodelect'.

We can see 'Vin Scan',nice features!!!

We got the car model 2004 BMW X3

Click 'OK',it will Auto-Scan every car module and give fault code message.

It will give diagnostic fault report when it finshed Auto-Scan.The fault report is a PDF file which you can share it to other device via email/Bluetooth.

We can come back Health-Scan Interface,remind click the 'entry'to check ECM module .

This is ECM ECU identify.

Click 'OK',we can see the function here

*Module Information
*Read Fault Code
*Clear Fault Code
*Read Data Stream

Read codes on this car,we get two code 27DA 2750 from ECM module.

Let check the data stream menu,select the 'Oxygen-sensor control'.

You can select some of items to view the live data.

 Let come back CRP429C main menu to check 'OBDII'.


OBD2 scan result,Click 'OK'

So here we can see OBD1 function

*Read I/M readiness
*Read live data
*read Freeze Frame
*Read fault code
*Clear Fault code
*Test O2 sensor monitor
*On-Board monitoring test
*Mode $08
*Read Vehicle information

We can also check data stream below OBD2 function.

We can select different item to view the data stream.

If you want to learn more,we can check CRP429C manual and video.

Launch CRP429C quick user guide

Launch CRP429C how to use video.


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