Today,we will talk about how to use a Launch CRP129E,which also applicable to Launch CRP123E.

So we will use Launch CRP129E picture in below case.

If you are not sure how to register the account,no worry.When you first time to use the scanner,it will give quick guide to entry an email.Easy to get it.

Here is Launch CRP129E home page interface.You will see




*Reset (PS: Launch CRP123E have not reset function)

*Battery Voltage




It will performance Auto-Vin when you use it connecting car.

This features will help auto shop quick to read Vin.

Here we can see the car model 2009 toyota rav4 and Vin info.

But the Auto-Vin features not works on some cars,which have not been entry Vin in ECU.So please try to entry Vin or turn off Auto-Vin in setting if you want to close the features.

Select country.

Select year number

It will performance health scan when it connected successful.

Launch CRP123E and Launch CRP129E both belong of major system scanner,which can able to scan engine,ABS,SRS,TCM four system.

Select ECM to entry to view more details

Try to view the live data

Check the throttle data stream

We can view the live data graph,Nice features!!!

OK,we learned many features about 'Diagnose' features.

Let come back home page to check the I/M,reset,data,upgrade etc...

Reset,only Launch CRP129E come with reset features.

We can see brake reset,oil reset,SAS reset,throttle relearn,TPMS reset.

Upgrade,we can download/update all vehichles or software.

Launch CRP123E CRP129E come with life time free update.

Please be mind,if you only work on your car,don't download extra car brand for keep good speed.

Data,here we can view the history diagnostic report.

Setting,here we can set up common function like language,Auto-Vin,Sound,Network,data,etc...

OK,If you still want to learn more about Launch CRP123E CRP129E.Check below quick guide and video.

Launch CRP123E user quick guide

Launch CRP129E user quick guide

Video How to use a Launch CRP123E/CRP129E


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