All software updates of LAUNCH from Mar 7 to Mar 17 ,2023

Passenger Car Software Update Info

1.SRENAULT (V43.65) 2023/3/7

Product: CRP919E、X-431 PRO MINI、X-431 V、X-431PRO3S+、X-431PRO3S+HDIII、X-431 PAD V

New Functions:

1)Optimized basic functions for 26 systems (such as the engine, ABS, A/C, airbag, instrument panel,A/T, and central control unit) of ALPINE A110, CAPTUR II, CLIO V,DUSTER PH3, MASTERIII, MEGANE IV PH2, MEGANE IV SEDAN ph2, MEGANE IV SEDAN, MEGANE IV, NEW ZOE, XM3, NEW SANDERO/LOGAN.

2)Added special function menus.

3)Fixed the PCBU code display bug. Optimized the safety gateway unlocking function.



Product: X-431 V、X-431 PRO3S+、X-431 PRO3S+HDIII、X-431PAD V

New Functions:

Added the functions of DTC, version information and data stream reading of systems ENG, Power Steering, ABS and Meter etc. for models such as POLARIS series 2006-2021 ATV, RANGER, Snow and RZR etc.


Commercial Vehicles Software Update Info

1.HD_MERCURY_ENGINE (V16.35) 2022/3/7


X-431 V+HDIII、X-431 PRO3S+、X-431 PRO3S+HDIII、X-431 PADV

New Functions:

The system function of the data of version information and the function of read trouble codes and the function of read Datastream are added.


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