All software updates of LAUNCH from Feb 21 to Feb 27 ,2023

Passenger Car Software Update Info

  1. TRUMPCHI (V11.80) 2023/2/27

Product: X-431 PAD V

New Functions: TRUMPCHI diagnostic software is downloadable

  1. SMART (V18.10) 2023/2/21

Product: CRP919E/X、X-431 Diagun V、X-431 PRO MINI、X-431 V、X-431 PRO3S+、X-431 PRO3S+HDIII、X-431 PAD V

New Functions:

1) Updated basic function, actuation test and special function for all systems under Fortwo 451 chassis.

2)Added actuation test function related to wave box and clutch etc. in the engine system under Fortwo 450 chassis


Commercial Vehicles Software Update Info

1.HD_MAN (V16.35) 2022/2/23


X-431 V+HDIII、X-431 PRO3S+、X-431 PRO3S+HDIII、X-431 PAD V

New Functions:

Added basic functions for new systems such as MAN TGE vehicle model air conditioning

system, assistant heating system, door system, lane change assistant system, tire pressure monitoring system and battery system etc.


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