Thinkscan TS600 ABS SRS scan tool review
Thinkscan abs srs scanner
Thinkscar released new series ABS SRS scanner Thinkscan TS600/TS601/TS609.
Today, let check out the Thinkscan TS600.
#1  DTC I/M
From the picture,we can know how to first to check engine misfire codes and car II/M readiness
#2 Check the live data stream or graph via 'OBD2' or 'Scan'
The live data works nice
#3 Thinkscan TS600 support scan engine ABS SRS system
Sometimes it also help you scan TCM system but depend on cars
#4 Thinkscan TS600 support Oil/EPB/TPMS 3 hot Reset Service and come with wide car coverage.
Feel free to check Thinkscan TS600 video
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