THINKCAR Scanner Diagnostic Functions Description

What are the car diagnostic functions?
1. Version information: Click "Version Information" to read the version information of the current car ECU.
2. Read fault code: This function is used to read the fault code in the ECU memory of the tested system to help the maintenance personnel to quickly find out the cause of the vehicle fault.
3. Clear fault code: This function is used to clear the fault code stored in the ECU of the system under test.
4. Read data stream: This function is mainly used to read and display the real-time operating data and parameters of the automotive ECU. By observing these real-time data streams, service technicians can gain insight into the overall performance of the vehicle and provide guidance on vehicle maintenance.
5. Action test: This function is mainly used to test whether the actuator components in the electronic control system can work normally.
6. Special functions: support the matching, coding, and common special functions of the programmable installation modules of most models.
7. Initialization: This function is mainly used to restore the default value of the actuator.
8. ECU coding/coding: This function is mainly used to change the ECU configuration information.
9. Programming: This function is mainly used to replace a new ECU and then write data into the ECU.

Functional Classification:
1. Basic diagnostic functions: version information, read fault code, clear fault code, read data streams, read freeze frames.
2. Advanced diagnostic functions: action/bidirectional test, reset/special functions, initialization, coding/ECU coding.
3. Basic functions of the all systems: it only includes basic diagnostic functions, such as THINKCAR Thinkscan Max, THINKCAR Thinkscan Max 2...
3. Full functions of the all systems: including basic diagnostic functions and advanced diagnostic functions, such as Thinkdiag, Thinkdiag2, THINKCAR Thinktool Pro, THINKCAR Thinktool Pros, THINKCAR Thinktool Pros+...

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NOTE: Programming is the most advanced function at present and does not belong to the scope of advanced diagnostic function!