What's the difference between Launch CRP123E and Launch CRP123X ?

Seems both looks same but there is a little differece.

We got same question from lot of customers.

Actually,Both CRP123E and CRP123X has same feature that support engine ABS SRS TCM four sytem diagnostic.

Key features:
Major system scan
WIFI update and lifetime free update
read/clear codes
Read data stream and can able to view graph
it can quick give health report and Auto-Vin.

The main difference is the Appearance design.

Launch CRP123E comes with full touch screen,if you like more big screen.
This one not bad for you.

Launch CRP123E

Launch CRP123X comes with touch screen+4 quick button.If you like to click button to diagnsotic car.
CRP123X is not bad for you.

Launch CRP123X


What's the difference between Launch CRP129 and Launch CRP129E?

Both the CRP129 and CRP129E support engine ABS SRS TCM 4 system scan.

CRP129E is the upgrade version of CRP129.

CRP129E support WIFI updating and TPMS/Injector reset but CRP129 can not.

CRP129E support Auto-Vin and read battery voltage but CRP129 can not.

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