Launch X431 Pro mini bidirectional test video

PS: Launch X431 Diagun IV ,Launch X431 V Pro also have full bidirectional control capabilities .

#1 Turn on and off headlight with Launch X431 Pro mini


#2 2004 Chevrolet Suburban 6.0 Evap Leak test with X431 Diagun


#3 2006 Corolla Purge valve active test with X431 Diagun


#4 Volvo Fuel Pressure ECM diagnosis
Active/Bidirectional test 20:01

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Recent purchase v-431v which is supposed to be the same asv431v+ or so your ad says
Have a 2000 Mitsubishi sport 3.5
Ja4ls41rxypo55600 does not read vin
Cannot get it to do activate test or get live data or run relived compression test

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