I Need A Scan Tool After Paying Out Over £1000 For Repairs On Our Renault Scenic

After paying out over £1000 for repairs on our Renault Scenic I was less than happy when we had problems starting her soon after getting her back from the garage! Rather than take the car back for another expensive investigation straight away I thought it was worth having a look myself and remembered a roadside mechanic using a scanner to identify an engine problem before. The CR3001 was on offer and seemed worth a try at the price.

Renault Scenic Data stream

The scanner arrived and I was very pleased with the build quality and size of the display screen. Once I’d located the on board data port (under the coffee holder tray) it was straightforward to plug in the scanner cable and wait a few seconds for the machine to boot up. The CR3001 offers a simple main menu, easily navigated via the clearly labelled control buttons. In the photographs I’ve selected the Diagnose option and then the Data Stream display. This allows real time monitoring of various engine performance parameters. You’ll see that there are a variety of other options available.

Renault Scenic OBD2 Port

Thankfully there were no Error Codes being generated by the engine management system this time around, but had there been then the scanner itself provides translation of the numerical code into a description of the issue. In future I’m confident that like the roadside mechanic previously I’ll be able to alert the garage to the issue that needs addressing, rather than going in blind and having to rely entirely on their prognosis of the problem.

Renault Scenic Launch CR3001

As a novice in scanning I was much encouraged by the ease of use of the CR3001 and impressed with the range of options and sub menus that are offered. The large control buttons are easy to use and navigation of the options is assisted by the colour screen. The length of the scanner cable is sufficient to enable clear sight of the screen whilst sitting comfortably in the driving seat.

Renault Scenic Diagnostic menu

I’m pleased to report that after fully charging the battery and dealing with some water ingress after heavy rain the starting problems have disappeared. I’m still glad I purchased the CR3001 scanner though and pleased that I didn’t discover any other problem to deal with!

Review from customer Mr B.Thanks for sharing.

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