How To Maintain the Car Glass?
As one of the important parts of a car, glass is often overlooked by car owners. In fact, clear and transparent glass is an important factor for driving comfort and safety. The following points should be paid attention to when repairing automobile glass:
1. Thoroughly removing the dirt on the car glass is the first step in maintaining the car glass. Careful selection of detergents and related cleaning products is a good choice.
2. The defogging heating should be turned off after 5-10 minutes, otherwise it will easily cause the rear windshield to burst.
3. Do not wash the car within two days after changing the glass, try to drive on a flat road.
4. If the connection between the wiper and the glass is not tight, it is easy to cause scratches and affect the function, so it must be maintained or replaced regularly.
5. Regularly replace the tape to prevent the tape from aging and leaking.

When the car glass is damaged, it needs to be repaired. There are generally two ways to replace and repair automotive glass: replacement and repair. But once the glass is damaged, no matter how big or small, it will affect the structure.
If you only repair the glass, it may eventually crack because the glass is exposed to both indoor and outdoor air pressure. Generally, if the front bumper is pasted with heat-insulating paper, the safety of the car will be higher. If it breaks, the glass may split like a spider web and no shards will rush out. However, if the front insulating paper is not pasted, the glass in the cab will be broken, which will be quite dangerous. In severe cases, glass shards ejected from the rupture may injure the eyes.
Repairing glass is generally less expensive than replacing it, but has a lower margin of safety. Car owners should consider carefully. Generally, car glass repair can only repair cracks within 10 cm, and the traces may not completely disappear after repair. Even if the cracks are not visible to the naked eye, the glass structure has been damaged and cannot be improved through repairs, and the safety factor is reduced. Therefore, after maintenance, car owners must pay more attention to the safety of the glass to avoid personal danger.

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