How often should the spark plugs be replaced?
Spark plugs are the heart of automobile engines. To output power, an automobile engine must let the spark ignite the mixture in the cylinder of the engine. The larger the spark is, the more stable the gas mixture is and the easier it is to ignite. After a long time of use, the spark plug is difficult to generate sparks and needs to be replaced in time. Generally speaking, different grades of spark plugs have different available times.

The replacement time of spark plugs of different grades is different!

1. Replace the low-end spark plug every 20000 km
Low end spark plugs are made of nickel alloy. Because of its low price, this metal is generally used in low-end spark plugs, and its service life is generally designed to be 20000 km. Many car owners run out in about a year. Although the low-end spark plug is very cheap, it is better not to choose the low-end spark plug to be on the safe side.

2. Replace the middle end spark plug every 60000 km
Mid range spark plugs have a longer service life. This kind of spark plug is usually platinum, which is expensive. In addition, the possibility of platinum spark plug ablation is very small, and there is usually sediment, which is the reason why platinum spark plugs can run 60000 kilometers. Generally speaking, it is recommended to buy platinum spark plugs because they are economical and cost-effective.

3. Replace high-end spark plugs every 100000 km
The most expensive spark plug is the high-end spark plug made of iridium. Iridium is a very corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant material, so engineers choose it to make high-end spark plugs. However, iridium spark plugs are expensive and basically only used for large displacement vehicles, so there are not many people using iridium spark plugs.

Although replacing the spark plug can save fuel and enhance power, the improvement is not much. It is estimated that 1000 L can save about 1 L. After all, the main function of spark plugs is ignition. Many cars' engines do not match high-end spark plugs. This must be noted when replacing spark plugs. It is better to replace the spark plugs of the same grade as before, so that the performance is the best.

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