2007 Volkswagen Rabbit ABS Service Lights on - Kingbolen official

A customer's car speedometer does not work and all service light on that Including the Brake Light, ABS light, Traction Control light, Air Bag light, Coolant light and EPC light.

We find there is no communication betweent the ABS module and the vehicle after scaning the car.

Diagnostic device: Thinktool Pro bidirectional scan tool

1.Using the Thinktool Pro to connect the 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit.

Thinktool pro car list

2.Diagnostic menu.

Thinktool Pro menu

3.Diagnostic fault codes.



Thinktool pro fault diagnostic report-1

Thinktool pro fault diagnostic report-2

4.We found there was no communication betweent the ABS module and the vehicle.

ABS module no communication

5.Circuit diagram.

ABS Circuit diagram

Check here to view full diagnostic tips.

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