All software updates of LAUNCH from May 20 to May 30, 2022
Passenger car software update information
Software: GM (General) V13.10
Update time:2022/5/26
Supported Devices: CRP 123E, CRP129E, CRP123, CRP VII+, CRE VIII...
update content:
1. New features:
1) Added 2022 Aveo, Beat, Blazer, Bolt, Camaro, Cavalier, Cobalt, Colorado, Cruze, Damas, Equinox, Labo, Malibu, Max, Move, Onix, Optra, Prisma, S10, Sail, Silverado, Spark , Spin, Trailblazer, Traverse, Trax, Work, Enclave, Encore, XT4, XT5, XT6, Acadia, Canyon, Sierra, Terrain, R4 models all system functions, including reading DTCs, clearing DTCs, version information, and data flow;
2) Added the action test function of the brake and airbag system;
2. Optimization function:
1) Improve the functions of reading DTCs, clearing DTCs, version information and data flow for 2010-2021 models.

Software: SHVW (SAIC Volkswagen) V28.80
Update time:2022/5/25
Supported Devices: PRO3S+, PRO3S+HDIII, PRO5, PAD III, PAD V...
update content:
1. New features:
1) Added engine systems, transmission electronic control systems and brake electronic devices for 2012-2021 Tuyue, Lingdu, Weiran, Tujia, Lavida, Tiguan, Huiang, ID.3, ID.4 and other models , entry and start permission, electronic central electrical equipment, air conditioning system, airbags, steering column electronics, instrument panel, data bus diagnostic interface, parking aid, comfort and convenience system central module, headlight lighting distance adjustment and other systems fault guidance Function;
2) Added the basic functions and special functions of the 2020-2021 Tuyue, Tiguan, Santana, Lavida, Lingdu, Huiang, Tujia, ID.4 and other models;
3) Update the data of channel number reading data stream, basic setting, matching, action test, login and encoding functions;
4) Added special functions such as air-fuel ratio, matching adaptive cruise control, automatic air conditioning initialization, GPF regeneration, high-voltage battery health detection, maintenance work, transmission matching, DPF regeneration, and tire pressure reset for some models;
5) Added online function opening function;
6) Added advanced version information function of some systems;
7) Added the SFD (vehicle diagnostic protection) manual mode function of some models;
2. Optimization function:
1) Optimize ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) calibration function;
2) Optimize and update the data of online coding, online security login and online programming, and optimize the process of online programming and online matching and calibration;
3) Optimize the anti-theft function;
4) Optimize the headlight adjustment function, fuel injection nozzle matching, air suspension matching and other functions in special functions;
5) Optimize the long coding and subsystem coding functions of some systems;
6) Optimize the steering angle learning function to read the angle data stream;
7) Optimize the DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration function of some models;
3. Fix the problem:
1) Fixed the problem that the code reading command was not sent when the quick test entered the system and then exited;
2) Fix the time algorithm problem of some freeze frames;

Software: Mercedes-Benz V49.75
Update time:2022/5/20
Supported devices: Diagun IV\V, V series, PRO5, PROMINI series, PRO3S+, PRO3S+HDIII, PROS series, PAD III, PAD V...
update content:
1. New features:
1) Added the coding function of some chassis systems such as 211, 169, 164, and 251;
2) Added version information, fault codes, action tests and special functions of all systems under the 463 chassis drive, body, door seat, information communication and air conditioning modules after 2018. Added functions such as version information and fault codes under the intelligent radar system on the left rear of the 251 chassis.
2. Optimization function:
1) Update the version information and fault codes of all systems under the 213, 222, 205, 238, 253, 247, 257, 290, 217, 167, 177 and other chassis under the drive, body, door seat, information communication and air conditioning modules , Action test and special functions, support for 2021 models.
2) Update the 176 chassis engine system to support the 2021 model.
3. Modify Bugs:
1) Modify the special functions under the AAC system of the 221 chassis. The running-in process after replacing the refrigerant compressor;
2) Modify the action test function of the 212 chassis air suspension system.

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