All software updates of LAUNCH from July 16 to July 31
Passenger Car Software Update Info
1.Chrysler (V33.80)
Product: CRP429C、CRE P、CRP909E、CRP919E、X-431 Diagun IV、X-431 Diagun V、X-431 PRO MINI、X-431 V、X-431 PRO3S+、X-431 PRO3S+HDIII、X-431 PADIII、X-431 PAD V...
New Functions:
Added or optimized the following special functions for 2018 Renegade, 2019 Cherokee, 2019 Comp-ass, 2019 Grand Commander, 2020 Renegade, 2021 Compass, 2021 Durango, 2021 Gladiator, 2021 Ram 1500, 2011 Renegade, 2021 Wrangler, 2022 Compass: Check air presence in ABS unit, ACC DASM Drive Calibration, Lockdoors command, Enable HV Battery Contactors For Service, Disable HV Battery Contactors, Power Down, Belt Capacity Adaptation Reset, 12V Charging System Test, Air filter replacement.

Commercial Car Software Update Info
1.IVECO_HD (V21.30)
Product: X-431 HDIII、X-431 PRO3S+HDIII、X-431、X-431 PADIII、X-431 PAD V...
New Functions:
1) Added the service function for the system Body Computer 2.
2) Added the injector replacement function for the system EDC16C39 BOSCH K.

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