All software updates of LAUNCH from July 1 to July 15

Software Update Information

1. RESETTRANSPORT (V10.15)  2022/7/1
Supported Devices: PRO3S+, PRO3S+HDIII, X-431 V, X-431 PADIII, X-431 PAD V...
new features:
1) Added BENZ passenger car A-class, B-class, C-class, S-class, and R-class part of the models to cancel the transport mode function;
2) Added JAGUAR release transport mode function;
3) Added LANDROVER release transport mode function;
4) Added VOLVO to cancel the transport mode function;
5) Added ACURA release transport mode function;
6) Added HONDA release transport mode function;

2. BENZ (V49.80)  2022/7/5
Supported Devices: CRP919E, X-431 Diagun V, X-431 PRO MINI, X-431 V, X-431 PRO3S+, X-431 PRO3S+HDIII, X-431 PADIII, X-431 PAD V...
new features:
1) Added basic functions and maintenance functions of all systems under 223,206 chassis models.
2) Added basic function and motion test function of 221 Chassis Sound Control System (VCS).
3) Added special functions of the 221 chassis suspension system: cyclically alternately control all shock struts to do rotary motion (Rodeo); cyclically alternately control front and rear shock struts (front and rear swing)
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christine mcdonald

christine mcdonald

How do I download the updates for ya100?

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