What Is The Best Scan Tool To Do Power Balance Test On Your Car

What is the best scan tool to do power balance test on your car?

Why is power balance test?

The engine power balance test uses the cylinder’s effect on the engine’s speed to determine this power. While the engine is running, either a spark plug or primary circuit is grounded. As a result, This prevents the spark plug from firing in the cylinder; which prevents combustion in that cylinder.

We will show 3 case that using scan tool to do power balance test on cars.

1.Launch X431 Diagun on Ford.

If your just start a mobile business or works on auto repair shop,x431 is not bad for you and easy to carry.

Balance test-Diagun-0

Balance test-Diagun-1

Balance test-Diagun-2

2.Thinkdiag on a 2008 Ford Explorer.

If you just works on one or two brand cars,Thinkdiag is the good full system scanner and the price under $120.

Balance test-Thinkdiag-0

Balance test-Thinkdiag-1

Balance test-Thinkdiag-3

3.Launch CRP909E on a Duramax Diesel.

If you are auto mechanic that works on different cars but do more DIY maintain service or help community members to fix car on weekend.Launch CRP909E is the good choice.

Balance test-CRP909E-0

Balance test-CRP909E-1

Balance test-CRP909E-2

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