How To Do Key Fobs Programming On Dodge?

Diagnstic device : Launch X431 Pro

Car : Dodge Ram

1.Start :Full system scanning

WCM module

WCM module

2.WCM, Special function

key coding function

3.we have seen the key febs,click it

key fobs

4.Please read the tips :this function is to be used when programming a new ignition key or re-programming an will program the win functionality along with the PKE functions.Ignition should be in Run Position while running this function.

Make sure you have read it then click "OK"

5.Enter the Pin
Tips for how to get the Pin can buy some key from website who can provide Pin.
b.for some cars,X431 V Pro can help you read the Pin directly. need ask the car dealer where you bought from.

vehicle pin

6.Make sure it is correct Pin
3 times will cause the WCM/Win to enter anti-scan lockout.

7.follow the tips to set up

8.Dodge key fobs programming successful.

Dodge key

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