KINGBOLEN YA101/201 vs Ancel AD310 vs Launch CR3001 vs Autel Al319 vs Fowell NT301 vs Bluedriver

1.What’s the difference from ad310 and ms309 ?

-Software difference:

Ad310 and Ms309 only provide some basic obd2 functions.

KINGBOLEN YA101 has the full OBD2 function,it support mode 6 mode 8


-Hardware difference:

Cable  KINGBOLEN YA101 35.5inch   Ad310 2.5 inch

Screen  KINGBOLEN YA101 color screen   ad310 ms309 black white screen


2.What’s the difference from Launch CR3001 Launch CR319 ?

LAUNCH CR3001 CR319 can not read Battery Voltage,KINGBOLEN YA101 201 can do it.


3.What’s the difference from Autel Al319 ?

KINGBOLEN YA101 YA201 support full OBD2 function but Autel Al319 can not support O2 test  and evap test


4..What’s the difference from Foxwell NT301 ?

KINGBOLEN YA101 201 can read battery voltage but Foxwell NT301 can not.


5.What’s the difference from Bluedriver ?

Bluedriver  $99

KINGBOLEN YA101 and KINGBOLEN YA201 under $30

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