How to use brake fluid tester-BF100

KINGBOLEN® BF100 Auto Brake Fluid Tester

KINGBOLEN® BF200 DOT3 DOT4 DOT5.1 Brake Fluid Tester

Thanks for the video made by Farpoint Farms.

How to use brake fluid tester?

Step 1: Put 2 pcs AAA batteries into the main unit.

Step 2: Deep press the power button for 3 sec to power ON the unit.

Step 3: One press the power button to select the current oil type.

Step 4: Insert the test probe into the brake fluid (wipe the probe clean, otherwise it will affect the results) Detect the result by LED display.

Step 5: Hold pressing the power button 2 seconds to turn on / off the LED flashlight.

Step 6: Deep press the power button for 3 sec to power OFF the unit.


The Advantage of Ediag BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester :

1. Nickel-plated metal probe The probe is oil-proof and oxidation-proof, with good conductivity and high precision, Rapid measurement

2. Non-slip design Fit for one hand operate, easy to use.

3. LED Display Display the test result by different colors L ED, easy to read the result.

4. Universal Probe Rugged and durable easy to use and flexible.