KINGBOLEN® ELM327 Bluetooth Wifi OBD2 Scanner

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✅Multi-system Application: Black suitable for Android and Windows devices; Red suitable for iOS, Android and Windows devices.
✅EL Upgrade Version ELM327: Upgraded version of OBD scanner diagnostic tool and car code reader, find out why you need to check engine lights before visiting a mechanic, and save money and time by solving simple problems yourself.
✅Super Performance: KINGBOLEN ELM327 OBD2 scanner comes with a PIC18F25K80 chip, which supports more protocols than ordinary ELM327. It is applicable to all OBDII protocols, including J1850 and CAN.
✅Powerful Functions: Read diagnostic fault codes, clear fault codes and turn off MIL ("check engine" indicator light), display current sensor data, engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel system status, fuel adjustment, intake pressure, intake temperature, airflow rate, throttle position, oxygen sensor voltage, related short-term fuel adjustments, fuel system status, fuel pressure.
✅Extensive Car Compatibility: Support 12V cars from 1996 and newer that fully comply with the OBD2 standard, not suitable for diesel cars, hybrid cars or 24V pickups and trucks.
KINGBOLEN ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth WIFI Scanner
Port: 35000
Communication: WIFI
Master Chip: ST
Support System: IOS, Android, Windows
Working Voltage: 9v ~ 16v
Working Current: 65mA
Standby Current: 45mA
Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Working Humidity: less than 60%
Size: 45mm * 25mm * 75mm
KINGBOLEN ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth WIFI Scanner

Recommend APP:
IOS APP: Car Scanner for ios; OBD Auto Doctor for ios; OBD Car Doctor for ios; EOBD Facile for ios; DashCommand for ios(Paid APP).
Android APP: Torque Pro for Android; Mini OBD2 for Android; WIFI OBDII Connection IOS for OBD Car Doctor; OBD Car Doctor for Android; DashCommand(OBD ELM App) for Android.
Windows APP: FT232R USB UART; PL2303 USB OBDII Driver; PCMSCAN for Windows; ScanMasteer-ELM for Windows; RAR file(ELM327 software.rar).

How To Connect With Your Phone?
1) Plug the OBD reader into the vehicle and start the vehicle fully
2) Ensure that the red light is illuminated on the OBD reader
3) Again attempt to pair the adapter back up with your phone using the 1234 pairing code. If you have now been able to pair the OBD reader with the phone, finish the remainder of the setup by comp[letting the steps noted below:
4) Open Torque and complete the internal Torque setup process once again as described in the instructions.

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1 * ELM327 OBD2 Scanner

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  • Hallo, I'm looking for scanner to check a car in general, everything especially if it's switching doors or there's paint

    Hello, this product cannot perform the functions you mentioned!
    You need more advanced products!

  • Daihatsu sirion and ssangyong ?

    It supports all cars with OBD2 port after 1996.

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